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Rugs Should Match The Home Furnishings

Mar 21st, 2013 By

Arearugs in the apartment should match the furniture and décor in the apartment. The rug design may match the décor in the room. It will help to enhance the visual flow of the décor. Here are some examples of furniture that matches the décor in the apartment.

Leafy Rugs To Match Leafy Curtains

Here are some very attractive curtains that have patterns of falling leaves. The pattern looks amazing and will go best with a fall theme of apartments. Regular vacuuming helps to maintain the rug clean and attractive.

The rug in the image is made from wool and has a very fine texture. The color combination of the rug uses natural shades like brown, and shades of red.


Modern Rugs for Modern Themed Décor

Here is an attractive modern area rug that perfectly matches the modern décor of apartments. The background of the rug is sand colored while the pattern is made using a black shade. The pattern resembles geometric patterns.

The rug shown in the image has the same pattern as the wooden partition in the figure. This adds to the beauty of the living room.

Blue and Grey Rugs For Cool Colored Rooms

Here is an amazing blue and grey kid’s rug. This rug has an attractive fish pond pattern on its surface. The rug looks great with a modern theme of home decoration.

The cool colored rugs are meant for cool colored living rooms. These have cute looking fish patterns on the rugs. This matches with modern décor very well.

Stylish Shag Polka Dotted Rug

If you have a polka dotted wall art in your room, a polka dotted rug will go best with it. It will make your room look great.

The polka dotted shag rug is impressive and stylish. It has a longer pile. It could be quite challenging to maintain the fibers intact and clean. These are affordable and made from good quality fibers. Regular vacuuming helps to maintain the rug intact. These are the best floor covers for modern homes.


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