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Rugs That Match the Bedroom Décor

Mar 13th, 2013 By

The rugs not just add color and beauty to your home interiors. They even protect your floors from cracks, dents and deterioration. There are several options among area rugs. Some of these area rugs are handmade while some others are machine made. Here are some classy examples of area rugs to match bedroom interiors.

Modern Attractive Gold Rug

The room is a bedroom with modern décor. There are two side tables close to the master bed. The walls of these rooms are decorated using simple images. There is a planter on one of the side tables. The rugs used to cover the floor are a modern gold rug. The pattern is stylish.

The rug has a modern pattern inspired from nature. The pattern is that of two birds sitting on branches. The background of the rug is ivory colored while the pattern is made using golden hues.

Gold and Red southwestern rug2

Elegant Attractive Blue Rug

Here is a simply furnished blue bedroom. The room uses shades like blue and ivory. The bed sheet uses both blue and ivory shades. There is a small rack for books in the room. The room brilliantly utilizes the space. You can use an apt rug to cover the floors of this room.

The rug is a blue colored rug. The pattern on the rug is a striped pattern. The stripes are in ivory and sand color. The rug can be placed on the floor to protect the floor from any kind of damage.

Ornamental Rug Oriental Green

Kid’s rooms can also have an elegant décor. The kid’s room here is fully furnished. There is even a television in the room. There are a few planters on the side rack. There is a wonderful bed also in the kid’s room. The colors used to decorate the room are shades of green.

You can use the green Oriental rug to ornament the floors of the kid’s room.  The rug even has a well-defined border. The entire body of the rug is green colored. Maintain the rug clean so that the rug stays attractive.

Modern Green Contemporary Rug

You can decorate modern master bedrooms with attractive green area rugs. The master bedroom is perfectly well furnished. There is also a side table with an attractive planter at the corner of the room. Green rug will look great in modern rooms.

The rug used to cover the floors is a henna colored green modern rug. The pattern resembles bursting crackers. The background is of green shade while the pattern is cream colored.


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