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Rugs To Add Color and Vigor To Floors

Mar 25th, 2013 By

Area rugs can change the way your floor looks. The area rug makes the floor appear stylish and colorful. There are several different options among area rugs. You must select area rugs which go with the working conditions of your apartment. Here are some great examples of area rugs that match the decor in your room.

Purple Exquisite Rug

Here is an area rug that looks royal and stylish. The pattern on this rug is that of a beautiful peacock feather. The rug has a royal purple background. The feather pattern is made using an ivory shade. The rug should be maintained clean so that it continues to look attractive.

The rug is made from wool and has a very soft texture. The rug has a very royal appearance. This gives the home a luxurious look.

Red Brown Modern Rug

Here is a unique modern area rug. The pattern on this contemporary rug is made from curved lines. The curved lines are of brown and red shades. The rug looks amazing on modern floors. The rug will further enhance the beauty of the room. It will brighten up the room.

You can use this rug to cover the floors of modern homes. It looks amazing and you can use artistic decor to match the rug.

Brown and Red Abstract Pattern Rug

Here is a great looking modern rug which has an abstract pattern on its surface. The pattern is made from red and brown shades. You must regularly vacuum the rug to maintain it clean and attractive.

The shades on these rugs are completely natural and match well with natural shades of home decoration. These rugs should be placed away from direct sunlight. Sunlight leads to fading of area rugs. This can hamper the beauty of the rug and make it look dull.

Artistic Pattern Area Rug

You may even use multicolored area rugs to cover floors. These rugs use several different shades to make a very distinct pattern. Such rugs perfectly match minimalist decor of modern apartments.


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