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Rugs To Cover Passageways of Your Apartment

Apr 7th, 2013 By

Runner rugs are ideal to cover the floors of passages. These fabrics help to cover the floors and protect them from deterioration. The runner rugs are rectangular area rugs which are long and ideal for passageways, stairways and dining areas.

Rugs For Bedroom Passages

You can cover the passageways that are adjacent to your bedroom. These area rugs greatly help to protect the floors from cracks and fast deterioration. Make sure you choose an area rug that goes with the color scheme of your passageway.

The rug used on the passageway is a modern runner rug. The rug is a gold colored runner rug made from wool. It is soft and tender.

Rugs To Fill In The Empty Spaces

If you leave your floor vacant, it can look barren and plain. An area rug can actually change the appearance of the floors. It helps to protect the floors from deterioration.It helps to fill the empty spaces and complete the decor of your apartment.

The runner rug used in this case is a black and white rug with a modern designer pattern on the surface of the rug. The entire background of the rug is made from black color while the pattern is made from white shade.

Rugs for Areas Next To Stairways

Rugs may even be used to cover areas adjacent to the stairways. These are areas which connect the different rooms in the apartment. You must choose the right area rug so that the visual flow between the rooms is maintained.

The rug in the image is a multicolored modern area rug. The entire background of the rug is brown colored. The pattern of bird is made with different colors like blue and gold. The branches in the image are made from a shade of ivory.

Runner Rugs To Match Kitchen Interiors

The runner rugs are ideal for many kitchen areas. The rug you use to cover the floors of kitchens should be made of stain resistant materials. These may even be synthetic materials or natural materials.

The rug shown in the image is a contemporary rug. The rug has multicolored floral pattern. The rug can be a good choice if you believe in decorating kitchens. The best part is that the material of the rug is non-toxic and does not harm the surroundings in any way.

Attractive Rugs For Corridors

You must have an area rug to cover the floors of your corridor. The corridor looks empty and uninteresting when it is completely vacant. A matching area rug could help you beautify your corridor. The rug can match the color scheme and the theme of your corridor.

A solid shag rug can be a good choice to cover floors of corridors. Here is a wonderful aqua blue area rug. This is a cool colored solid area rug with a shaggy texture. The rug is hand woven and is made from polyester.


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