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Rugs to Match Brick Walled Living Rooms

Apr 10th, 2013 By

Earth day is approaching. As people plan out new ways to save energy, there are several other ways to pay a tribute to Mother Nature. Use of nature-friendly shades is one such option. Brown is a completely earthen tone. It goes well with natural shades of apartments. Here are a few examples of brown rugs for floors of brick walled living rooms.

Brown Modern Rug

The image shows a modern moderately furnished living room. The room has brick walls. The sofa set is of a dark brown shade. The room also has impressive nature inspired wall arts. The rug here is a brown area rug. The rug has the pattern of a tree bark. The rug looks great on modern floors. The rug has a very soft texture as well.

Brown Shag Rug

The room here is a modern stylish brick walled room. The brick wall has a completely earthen tone. The furniture is simple ivory chairs and a coffee table. The rug used here is a shag rug. The shag rug has a lustrous appeal. The beauty of the rug further increases if light falls on it.

Multicolored Shag Rug

A dark colored shag rug is the apt option for the living room in the image. The living room is moderately furnished. The sofa set is dark brown color. The walls have simple wall arts. The rug here is a multicolored brown shag rug. There are three different tones of brown used on the rug. The pattern is that of concentric rectangles.

Brown Oriental Rug

There are many options among brown area rugs. The image shows a modern living room with brick walls. The walls appear to be of a light beige shade. The rug used here is an intricate pattern oriental rug. The rug is brown in color. It adds beauty to the floors.

Animal Print Rug

Here is yet another modern living room. The light of lamps are falling on the brick walls. The rug in the image is an animal print rug. The rug has a wonderful leopard print. It is soft and attractive.
These are a few examples of brown rugs for modern brick walled living rooms. These look very attractive on floors of living rooms. You must maintain the rugs clean so that they retain their beauty.


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