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Rugs To Match Fireplace Areas

Mar 31st, 2013 By

There are very few modern homes with attractive fireplaces. Most traditional homes had attractive fireplaces. If your apartment has an attractive fireplace, you may go for a carpet that matches the fireplace area. Here are some classy examples of rugs that perfectly match the fireplace area in your apartment.

Modern Pebble Rug To Match Fireplace Design

The fireplace in this image is a very simple looking fireplace. The fireplace is bricked and has natural shades. The fireplace area will look great for a typical traditional apartment. You may use an area rug that perfectly matches fireplace area. Here is a beige colored pebble rug. It matches the fireplace area well.

Contemporary Brown and Blue Rug To Match Modern Fireplace

The rug should match the fireplace design so that the fireplace does not appear out of place. The rug is a contemporary styled rug. The rug is brown colored. The pattern on the rug is blue colored. The pattern is a completely modern pattern in a blue shade. The rug goes well with the fireplace shown in the image.

Amazing Black and Grey Rug To Match Electric Fireplace

Modern homes usually prefer electric fireplaces which do not have problems of maintenance. You won’t have to clean the ash if you have an electric fireplace. Here is a great looking black and grey area rug that perfectly matches the electric fireplace. This looks amazing if you place the rug on modern floors. The pattern on the rug is a modern abstract pattern made using shades of black and grey.

Contemporary Multicolored Rug To Match Traditional Fireplace

The fireplace area can actually be colorful and create a relaxing feel. Here is a very majestic fireplace. The fireplace area is large and convenient. The outer shield for the fireplace is made from stones. This is a truly amazing fireplace design that will easily attract attention. The rug used to cover the floors is a multicolored rug with a circular pattern on its surface. The rug pattern uses shades of brown, blue and yellow.


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