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Rugs to Match Rooms of Teenagers

Apr 21st, 2013 By

You must use area rugs to protect floors of various rooms in your apartment. The rooms of teenagers have to look lively and attractive. It should have a fresh look. The rug should go with the color used in the room. Here is more about the rugs as floor covers.

Purple Solid Shag Rug

Here is a study room best suited for teenagers. It has a purple color scheme.  The light purple shade beautifies the floors. The room has a cute bunk bed and a simple study table.

This is a polyester fiber rug. The material is relatively more resistant to stains. The rug retains its beauty for a longer duration.


Solid Brown Rug

Round rugs look great on floors of teen’s rooms. The image shows an attractive brown solid rug. The shaggy texture adds beauty to floors. The room also has a white bed.

The rug in the image is a polyester rug that is hand-woven. It brightens the floors of the rooms where they are placed.

Blue Shag Rug

Check out this blue bedroom. Cool colored bedrooms have a soothing impact on your mind. The rug here is a blue shag rug. It brightens up the floors.

Cool colored shag rugs look sober. They have an eye-soothing effect on your mind.

Multicolored Area Rug

Modern rugs use several different shades to make attractive patterns. The image shows a truly eye-catchy multicolored rug. It has a pattern made of green and yellow colors.

You can maintain the rug clean by regular vacuuming. Make sure you use detergents, which do not wash away the dyes and colors.

Red and Ivory Modern Rug

The room shown in the image is a teen room with loud red shades. The walls use bright red color. The rug here is a multicolored rug inspired from nature. The pattern is made from a red shade. It resembles modified floral patterns.

Maintain these rugs clean so that they retain their grand look.

These are just a few examples of attractive rugs to add beauty to teen rooms. These are colorful and impressive.


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