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Rugs to Match Tropical Decor in Rooms

Apr 22nd, 2013 By

Several factors make up the decor in the room. These include the color scheme, window treatments, furniture and flooring. A floor looks complete with attractive area rugs. There are several different types of area rugs available in the market. These include rugs of different colors, styles, patterns and materials. Checkout examples of area rugs to perfectly match tropical decor.

Eco-friendly Rugs for Tropical Rooms

The rug in the image is an eco-friendly rug. The carpet is made from natural fibers. It is ideal for bedroom floors. The color is light and goes with the decor of this tropical bedroom.

The rug in the image is a jute rug. These rugs are not suitable for moist areas. You must always maintain these area rugs dry. This helps to increase the life of these floor covering fabrics.

Natural Brown Rug for Tropical Rooms

The image shows a bedroom that uses plain shades. The furniture here is wooden. The walls are painted light green. The rug used is a brown natural rug.

The rug here is made from sisal fibers. This comes in natural shades.

Multicolored Natural Rug

The living room in the image is a beautiful living room. The room is heavily furnished. It has an attractive shelf at one end of the room. The room has simple furniture. The rug here is a multicolored rug. This green rug uses nature-friendly materials.

Checked Natural Rug for Tropical Decor Room

The room here is a tropical living room. The room has a plain looking sofa set. The room also has a nature themed wall art. The rug used is a checked pattern natural rug. It goes with the decor in the room.

Sand and Ivory Natural Rug

The natural rugs can also have multiple shades. Here is a rug that has stripes of sand and ivory. This looks great on the floors of this master bedroom.

These are just a few ways to use natural rugs to decorate homes. These are all impressive and eye-catchy.


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