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Safe and Sensible Use of Household Appliances

Nov 8th, 2012 By
We all use household appliances to make our life easy. There are many common appliances that use energy and resources. If you do not use these devices sensibly, they may actually use up more energy. It can even turn out to be a gross misuse of resources. Here are some suggestions to make wise use of resources. It will help you save energy and make proper use of resources.

Microwave Safety

Microwaves have simplified our lives and are indeed a wonderful appliance for our home. Yet there are some facts you must be aware of.

  1. There are rumors that microwaves may emit unsafe radiations into the environment. You must thus stay away one or two feet away from the microwave once it is switched on.
  2. If the seal of your microwave is broken, you must not use it.
  3. You must not use a microwave with a broken door as it can be risky.
  4. When you get the microwave repaired, make sure you get it done from a certified technician.
  5. You must avoid heating water in a microwave as water has a tendency to absorb the radiations. This can be harmful. You must thus heat water for a minimum duration to avoid any risk.
  6. You must not use metal utensils in a microwave. Metals reflect radiations. This leads to sparking and arcing of waves which is risky.
  7. Ideal containers to be used in the microwave are glass, paper or ceramic.
  8. Oil does not heat properly in a microwave due to lack of polarity.

Refrigerator Safety

One of the most energy consuming devices in the house is definitely the refrigerator. Here is how you can make efficient use of refrigerators.

  1. You must always place the refrigerator away from direct sunlight.
  2. You must always keep it away from the stove or other heat producing appliances.
  3. You must always unplug it before cleaning or shifting the refrigerator.

Dishwasher Safety

Dishwashers help you wash dishes quickly. Here are some tips on how you must use the dishwashers so that they are energy efficient.

  1. You must always run the dishwasher on full load. The dishwasher uses up most of the energy to heat up the water in the dishwasher. Since you cannot reduce the water used in the dishwasher, you may increase the load to optimize the resources.
  2. You must use the air-dry option in the dishwasher. Reduce the use of pre-rinse, heat-dry and rinse-hold options in the dishwasher as these tend to consume more energy. In dishwashers that do not have the air-dry option, you may open the dishwasher after the last rinse cycle. This will help your dishes dry easily.

Oven Safety

Majority of the home appliances may cause fire accidents if not handled properly. You must thus be very careful when you use appliances that involve fire. Here are some safety measures.

  1. You must never store anything flammable inside an oven. It may catch fire.
  2. You must have a handy fire extinguisher to deal with such accidental fires which may occur.

Washing Machine Safety

Washing machines also consume a lot of energy. You must thus make sure to use it wisely. Here are some tips and suggestions which may be useful to you.

  1. You must make sure to buy machines that use energy efficiently.
  2. You may use cold water to wash the clothes. Cold water is as efficient as hot water in washing clothes.
  3. Make sure you use eco-friendly detergents to wash clothes.

General Safety Measures for Household Appliances

Here are some common safety measures that you need to follow in case of household electrical appliances.

  1. You must never use an indoor household appliance for outdoor use.
  2. You must avoid the use of electrical appliance when it is raining.
  3. You must remove the plug from the socket before you venture to clean the electrical appliance.
  4. Never use a damaged electrical appliance.
  5. Always get your appliances repaired
  6. You must place all the plug points high so that they are not accessible to kids.


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