Shag-ri-la Collection – A Medley of Earth tones

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Experts through in-depth studies and calculated research have come to associate color having therapeutic effects. It affects our emotions and influences our overall wellbeing. Chromotherapy also called color therapy confirms it. Nature-inspired rugs make an excellent choice to evoke a sense of warmth and vibrancy indoors.




Earth tone or earthy tone is among the highly recommended color scheme for use in home interior. It offers a gentle, serene and homey feel to the senses. Think chestnut brown, rich gold, raspberry red, tan, ocher yellow, rusty orange, blue, and olive green and more. Rugs and Blinds delights in providing visual relief from any effect of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which may be caused due to winter, with colorful and contemporary styled Shag-ri-la floor covers from the rich Orian collection. In harmony with nature, inspired from spring colors, these beautifully present a house warmth and energy.


True to the commitment made by Orian of world-class design – apart from the earthy connection in term of multicolor tones, the Shag-ri-la collection stands out for its distinct and eye-catching designs. The floor covers compliment the modern home design tastefully with organic and geometric inspired patterns–Bayadere Stripes, Floral, Ogee, Check, Basket weave, etc. to name some. The beautiful blend of warm colors and contemporary designs convey an aesthetic flair that ensures to complement almost any settings, be it traditional or modern.






Adding to their visual appeal, these rugs are practical in nature, they being versatile for use. Yes, each of them is machine woven using Polypropylene–a fabric that is hardwearing. This fabric helps retain original shape and form of a throw and in turn, enables it to be durable, a boon for areas that attract heavy foot traffic. To the demanding user, there is no room for worrying in connection to comfort for they come in soft texture. Homeowners, breathe a sigh of relief for all that spells affordability and easy maintenance.




With the ever-evolving style of the modern home interior, considerable thought has gone in designing this collection. To suit different dimensions of a room and varied tastes of enthusiasts, these floor fabrics are available in several constructions like square, round, oval and the conventional rectangular shape. That means no compromise in term of theme decoration. In addition, keeping up with the changing language and preference to home design, they can be availed in either of the following sizes, 2’3×8, 3’11×5’5, 5’3×7’6 and 7’10×10’10. This winter, make your home decor resonate warm earthy tones with the Shag-ri-la Collection from Orian.


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