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Shag Rugs Add To The Beauty of Apartment Floors

Feb 26th, 2013 By
Shag rugs are area rugs that have a longer pile. These rugs are often preferred as they are ideal for tough working conditions. These rugs should be maintained clean so that they do not spread allergies. You must keep them free of dirt, filth and allergens. Regular vacuuming helps to keep the rug free from dirt, filth and dust. Here are some more insights regarding shag area rugs.

Shag carpets are very popular among customers. These rugs may be made from different materials like wool, new Zealand wool or sometimes even synthetic fibers like polyester. You must select the rug made from material that best suits your requirement. Here are a few multicolored shag rugs which you may use to cover your floors in style. These can even add color to your floors.

Multi Colored Blue Shag Rugs

This is a very classy rug that belongs to the category of shag rugs. It is a multicolored rug with fibers of three distinct shades of blue. The outermost rectangle is dark blue while the innermost rectangle is light blue.

Multi Colored Red Shag Rugs

This is a multicolored red shag rug. It is a shag rug made from synthetic fibers. The room shown in the image is a Bright colored living room. The room uses simple shades to decorate the room in style. Here is an image which is the perfect example of how you may use red shag rugs to cover the floors. The rug has three shades of red. The innermost rectangle is light red color.

Brown Bedrooms with Multicolored Shag Rugs

Brown bedrooms should be decorated with the right home décor items and accessories so that the room looks elegant. Here is an example which shows how you can use a brown multicolored rug to cover your brown bedroom. This will protect the floors of your bedroom protected from deterioration. It will also help you keep your floors clean. Make sure you buy the rug from reliable rug stores so that you are not cheated.


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