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Shag Rugs are a Fine Add on to the Floors

May 18th, 2013 By

Shag rugs are preferable by people because of different reasons. These floor coverings bring style to home interiors. Such carpets are also ideal for the outdoors. Hence, shag rugs are all rounder floor coverings from which homeowners can benefit

Grants Liveliness to Rooms

Shag rugs are also nice as an example of a good-looking floor covering. These are not only pretty but also functional. The jazzy appearance of these carpets induces style in rooms. So, you can select awesome looking designer shag rugs for the house this season. Give a lift to the room design by choosing shag rugs that match with the theme of the area. This will make sure that the room looks complete with different accessories.

Shag Rug1

Protects High Traffic Areas

These floor coverings are perfect to cover high traffic areas. You can choose colorful shag rugs to highlight any region. Utilize these carpets to cover pathways in outdoors and hallways. Such kinds of runner rugs are also suitable for staircase and other areas. So, you may even pick few of these fabric covers to beautify room interiors. Accent shag rugs of different designs can look attractive as doormats. These high traffic suitable doormats are incredible choice for the commercial areas.

Shag Rug2

Lasts Long for Years

Shag rugs are also capable to last for many years. These have strong cut pile and thickness, which keeps them stable on floors for long. Such floor coverings are also safe to cover the floors of the outdoors. However, one needs to choose synthetic carpets in the outdoors. These carpets are also affordable. You can purchase these from our online retail store. Make use of shag rugs in the passageways as these can resist wear and tear for many months.

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Easy to Clean and Store

These carpets are one of the floor covers that are easy to store and clean. Most of these carpets can be simply rolled and stored away. Just make sure that the area where you place these floor coverings should be dry and cool. You do not have to stow these away in boxes. Get a packaging material for these carpets and roll this in. clean these floor coverings with vacuum cleaner and other rug-cleaning agents as specified for the product.

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Best for Kid and Pet Area

Shag rugs are excellent choice for the kid’s room and the pet area. As these carpets have long strands and different cut pile, these items are perfect to grant comfort to the kids and pets. You can choose a large carpet of this kind for the kid’s play area. Such floor coverings can also render peace to the pets. Buy wool or cotton shag rugs that can absorb leaks. Hence, these carpets can be ideal for the kid’s bath area as well. You pets can now find a cozy floor cover to roll on.

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So, you can update your home with amazing shag rugs. Beautify different spaces with these carpets for the season.


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