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Shag Rugs are best for Kids Room

Jan 31st, 2013 By

You can choose nice shag rugs for kid’s room this season. This will render warmth to their space. It will also keep their floors protected from wetness and cold. You may even get few of these carpets for other regions in home interiors. You can even choose the ones that utilize good quality natural materials for eco friendly appeal.

There are many different kinds of shag rugs that you can go for this season for kid’s bedroom. You may look at some of the striking color options in these carpets for their region.


This gold shag rug is perfect for kid’s room. It is bright and can attract attention of your child. You can lay them in play area. It is ideal for winter and summer season. You can even use this carpet for other spaces. But you can use them especially for occasional sue as well. You can choose it for living room beautification also.



You can also make use of chocolate shag rugs for kid’s room indoors. You can accommodate them in study room. You may even utilize them in formal spaces like home office. They are ideal for traditional home beautification. You can also choose natural materials for your kid’s room carpet for eco friendly look in your space.



You can even buy green shag rugs for kid’s room. This color can bring natural appeal in their space. It can also help in soothing your eyes and create good ambience in their room. You may use these carpets for other rooms as well. You can buy a shag rug of different color tone sin shade of green. You can also choose this carpet for kitchen and bath area.



Red shag rugs are another choice for kid’s bedroom. They can make your floor look vibrant. You can also update your kid’s room with solid shag rugs of rich red shade. You may get this carpet for your kid’s bathroom as well. Rich color tone makes it an amazing choice for their region. You can also make your home interiors look great with these carpets.


Icy Blue

You can also go for blue shag rugs for your child’s room. You can even choose this for your own bedroom. This can bring a seal like look to their floors. You can even go for navy blue or dark colored carpets of shaggy strands for their space. You can also go for the shag carpets that are large or are of runner size. You may even purchase blue and white shag rugs for winter season home decoration.


Dark Purple

You can also look out for dark purple shag rugs for your kid’s space. It is great option for a girl’s room. You can also choose this for common kid’s bedroom s well. You can select accessories that will help in highlighting the beauty of this carpet in their room. You can also make use of these carpets for your own living room.



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