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Shag Rugs of Different Colors and Patterns

Dec 5th, 2012 By
You can buy shag rugs for our winter home this season. You can also decorate your outdoors with them. There are many materials for these carpets that you can choose. To render an eco friendly environment, you can select some natural materials. You can even be free to select any kind of shade for these carpets

Green Shag Rug

This outdoor shag carpet has a thick pile. It gives your feet feeling of comfort. You can lay them in porch, garden and even patio. You can even impress your guests with this carpet in lounge area. You can even go for this in outdoor pool region. There is various color shade sin green that you can choose for carpets of this kind.

Purple Shag Rug

You can choose a luxurious shag carpet for home interiors. Purple shade gives your room a look of royalty. You may place them on living room floor. You can also get this rug for your bedroom and daughter’s room. You can also accommodate this in outdoor spaces. It will make a region look more cheerful. These kinds of carpets can also suit informally decorated space.

White and Black Shag Rug

You may even select white and black carpets with shaggy yarn for your home. This can be perfect for winter season. You can also choose black and white rugs of synthetic materials. A wool carpet will be nice for winter themed home. You can also renovate your house with pure white rugs as well. They can go well with hardwood floors.

Ivory Shag Rug

You may purchase bamboo shag rugs for home interiors. They are eco friendly. You can select he ones of ivory color. Ivory carpets are very popular in winter home decoration. You can choose this for your living space or bedroom area. These carpets can even make your house look formal or even informal. You may even lay them in library or study room


Brown Shag Rug

You can even choose leather for your shag carpet. Leather shag rugs are one of the modern choices in home decoration. You can add natural brown rugs of this kind in your home interiors. These carpets can completely transform the appearance of an area. Your home will look more gorgeous with these shag rugs.


Charcoal Gray Shag Rug

You can buy charcoal gray rug from our site. This shag rug is best for your home interiors. You can see through other carpets in same category. You may even choose the material you like for your carpet. This polyester carpet can also be well suited as doormat or passageway rug. You can even revamp your bedroom and recreation area with this carpet.

Abstract Shag Rug

You can go for shag carpets shat have multiple colors and abstract design on them. This will make your room appear entertaining. It will also be pleasing for eyes. You may count them to be a part of contemporary home interiors. This kind of carpet can definitely suit living room. You can even lay them in any other area of your house.


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