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Shag Rugs Of Different Materials Have Different Textures

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The shag rugs are liked by people as they have a long pile. There are shag rugs made from different materials. These shag rugs vary in texture and style due to the material these rugs are made from. Here are five shag rug varieties made from different materials. You would definitely benefit if you have greater knowledge about the different shag rug varieties.

Cotton Shag Rugs

This is the material most commonly used to make shag rugs. The shag rugs have a nice shaggy and messy appearance. If you want a shag rug with completely messy appearance, you must opt for cotton shag rugs. You may use this rug to cover floors of living rooms or bedrooms. The texture of this rug is also very attractive.

Synthetic Shag Rugs

These are shag rugs made from synthetic materials like polyester. These shag rugs have a very attractive and playful appearance. These are also available in several different colors and shades. These rugs are very convenient to sit and play on. These are satin soft shag rugs.

New Zealand Wool Shag Rugs

New Zealand wool is commonly used to make attractive shag area rugs. These rugs have a fluffy and soft appearance. It is a strong rug. It is truly fun to walk on rugs made from New Zealand wool. Make sure you maintain the rug properly so that it retains its classy appearance.

Leather Shag Rugs

Leather shag rug looks elegant. The rug has a sultry and soft feel. It may either be made from genuine leather or suede leather. It gives the floors an elegant appearance. You can choose the leather shag rug of a shade that matches the room’s interiors.

Flokati Shag Rugs

Flokati shag rugs are very popular in the category of shag area rugs. The origin of shag Flokati rugs is in Greece. The rug has an attractive plush appearance. You can choose a pink Flokati rug for your baby girl’s bedroom. The rug needs to be vacuumed frequently so that it remains clean and attractive. It will blend well with girl’s room interiors.

Where can you purchase Shag Area Rugs?

You can buy shag rugs from any of your neighborhood rug outlet. You can visit the rug store and check out the various options among shag area rugs. You can then buy the rug that best suits your requirement. You could even opt for natural shag rugs if you believe in green living.

Another great option is buying a rug from an online rug store. This way, you can have the rug delivered at your doorstep. There are several benefits of online shopping. You can benefit from the seasonal discounts and offers. You can even make use of online coupons.


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