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Shag Rugs: The Perfect Options for Modern Apartment Floors

Apr 22nd, 2013 By

Shag rugs are preferred due to their shaggy texture. They look great on the floors of homes. You must make sure you select the right rug for the right room so that the floor covering enhances the appeal of the room. Here are few attractive examples of shag rugs that match different rooms.

Green Shag Rug

Shag rugs are suitable for any room in your apartment. Here is an image of an attractive green shag rug. The rug is made from polyester fiber. These are synthetic rugs. They are more resistant to stains. The rugs remain clean and retain their beauty.

The rug is lime green color. The rug goes well with the décor in the living room. The rug matches the décor in this stylish living room.

Light Shag Rug

The image shows a living room that uses lighter shades in its décor. The predominant shades are ivory and brown. A coffee table is placed at the center of the room. The room appears comfortable and modestly furnished.

The rug here is a shag rug with a long pile. The shag rug is ivory colored. This looks truly impressive. The coffee table is placed on top of this unique rug.

Charcoal Shag Rug

Living rooms are not always bright or light colored. Here is a living room that uses dark shades in its furniture and décor. The sofa set in the room is of a black shade. The room even has a simple fireplace.

The rug used is an attractive charcoal colored shag rug. The rug also has long pile. The rug is an attraction in this living room.

Green Impressive Rug

The living room in the image has a white sofa set. The cushions on these sofa sets are of a light green shade. The flooring of the room is of a natural hue.

The rug here is a green shag rug. The rug blends perfectly with the room’s interiors. It protects the floor from dust.

Ivory Shag Rug

Contrast is a factor often considered while decorating living rooms. The image shows a lavish living room with a black sofa set. The walls have grey wall arts.

The rug used here is a light colored shag rug. The rug looks truly impressive in this living room. It helps to maintain the floors intact.

These are just a few attractive examples of covering apartment floors with area rugs. These rugs match the décor of the room and make the room brighter. It also enhances the beauty of the living room.


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