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Shipping Info

1.What is the shipping cost of the rugs?All the rugs are ordered with ship FedEx Ground. Shipping within the continental US is free of cost. However 10 percent of the real cost of the rug will be added to the shipment which are made outside this area.

2.Which places where our rugs are not shipped to?Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or the Caribbean Islands are the areas where right now we do not cater our products. However in future additional cost will be charged for the shipment and products once we expand our markets to these places.

3.How many days it needs for processing before shipment? The order is processed on the same day you make it.

4.How much time it takes to ship the custom made products?It takes about 3 to 4 months to ship the custom made products.

5.How do I track my order? Most orders are shipped via UPS. If feasible we will offer you with a tracking number so that you may supervise the location and advancement of your order. If you have any queries related to the tracking of your order, please call our Customer Service Department toll-free (THE NUMBER) between (THE TIME) and (EMAIL ADDRESS).

6.How do you handle and operate oversized items that are too large or heavy? We take care that such orders are maintained and packaged with right wrapping and other necessary precautions to protect the product from any adversary. The order is placed well in a safe place and transported in a proper carriage.

7.How do I properly receive an oversized rug?Please carefully inspect your order upon delivery to insure the merchandise is not damaged. If you encounter a problem, please do one of the following:

For noticeable damage: If the packaging demonstrate visible symbols of damage, release the item right away to check the filling, and ask the driver to examine the contents. Then note down a exact description of the harm on both your copy and UPS Freight’s replica of the liberation receipt.
If you feel like this trade in is damaged beyond restoration then the merchandise should be DECLINED. If you sense like this merchandise is satisfactory with the noted damages you should admit it and determine if this can be kept with a payment.

For no visible damage to te packaging: As soon as probable after delivery, discharge and examine your shipment. Should you find out concealed loss or damage, report it to UPS Freight right away and demand scrutiny within 15 days of the delivery date. Until you obtain your inspection, please leave the containers and stuffing materials as they were when you first revealed the loss or damage.

Requesting a scrutiny: After delivery, contact your local UPS Freight service center or UPS customer service at (THE NUMBER) to determine if an examination and official written report will be necessary. Occasionally UPS may not have an examiner inspect the damaged freight. Instead UPS may demand that you do the scrutiny yourself and keep a printed description. Please note, however, that an assessment report is not a claim.

The UPS Freight form holds the following message:


Please do not sign for items that are or may be damaged unless it is illustrated on the form. If you do not accept this stock due to damages contact Rugsandblinds immediately and we will process a substitute order for you and switch all of the transactions with the freight corporation.

Remember, once you sign for the item or give permission to UPS Freight to leave the merchandise, you may be accountable for filing a claim with them if the product has been spoiled in shipping.