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Simple Easy Steps for Buying the Perfect Rug for your Home

Jan 19th, 2012 By

Before you start looking out for online stores that provide rugs, there are some important factors one should keep in mind to help facilitate a profitable purchase. Here is a complete guide to how to buy rugs online, effectively.

Types of Rugs

Here is a list of four basic kinds of rugs that customers may want to by online. The design and patterns

1) Accent: This kind of floor cover is meant for decoration. People generally do not buy these with a functional aspect in mind more than just an item for beautification. Accent rugs are generally smaller like doormats, but can be bigger.

2) Doormats: To welcome guests at home, or to protect the floor from being spoiled, people purchase doormats to adorn entrances. It can be a great utilitarian fabric cover for bath, home and kitchen entrance.

3) Runners: Fabric cover protecting passageways, alleys, stairs and hallways are narrow and long. These are runner rugs. Such fabric covering may require anti slip pad to be installed under them. However, there are myriad ways of affixing these to the floor.

4) Large Carpets: Sometimes, you may need a large floor cover for a room. In such times, consider carpets to drape the floors. These come in varied dimensions and are quite durable.


Factors to Consider While Buying Rugs

Here are some major aspects you need to keep in mind while looking for rugs online. This list will help you understand carpets better.

1) Your Need: Know which kind of rug you want. Define your purpose as to if you want the fabric cover for a particular occasion, regular use or just for room protection.Carpets are also great insulating agents, they can keep floors away from scratches and dirt. Therefore, there are multiple factors that may influence your decision on buying rugs.

2) Material: Choosing the right material of rug depends on the area, purpose and season. For high traffic areas, purchase carpets made from wool, coir, polyester and viscose. Moderate traffic areas can do with rugs made from jute, seagrass, sisal and cotton. For the low traffic region, try out carpets manufactured from silk, leather and cotton. Use natural rugs for indoors and synthetic ones for outdoors.

3) Size: You need to purchase rugs that suit the dimension of the area. Small rugs may be perfect for regions that are not large and vice versa. Some of the Rug dimensions are 3` x 5`, 8` x 10`, 6` x 9`, 7` x 10`, 5` x 7`, 9` x 12`, 3`6 x 5`6, 8` x 11`, 7`9 x 10`6, 2`6 x 7`6, 5` x 8`, 2` x 3`, 4` x 6`, 2`6 x 8`, 5` x 7`6 and 9` x 13`. You may get more variations in carpet dimensions online.

4) Design and Style: You can choose carpets of specific style and design. Contemporary, traditional, and oriental rugs are three major styles. Besides this, you can also look into floral, transitional, animal print, southwestern, shag, solid, ecofriendly, kids and braided rugs. The carpet may bear complex set of geometric patterns or casual, abstract designs. Many rugs possess mishmash of different patterns.

5) Color: Choice of colors may define the kind of appearance the home surrounding will reflect. Hence, you have to select shades for rugs that relate to the areas you want to be in. Bright shaded carpet can create contrast with subtle backgrounds and vice versa. Mingle of different shades together in a carpet can also look great. Pink, red, yellow, purple, blue, green, turquoise, brown, ivory, beige, black and white rugs are some of the popular options.

6) Shape: Certain shaped carpets are chosen based on the area and interests of the buyers. You can go with the famed ones like rectangular, round, square and runner rugs. Abstract and quirky shaped carpets are also available online these days. Pick the ones that match your requirements.

7) Customization: When go forward to buy rugs from online retail stores, look out for added advantages. This may be offers and discounts, freebies and options to customize your purchase. Customization of rugs or the chance to select from several offers can help you optimize your purchase.


How to go about Purchasing Rugs Online?

1) Customer Satisfaction: When you want to purchase from an online store, you would want minimal hassles. Hence, the payment method, privacy of personal information and price affordability are some of the qualities you may want the store to possess. The transport means, delivery status and tracking of product are other aspects that the store should provide. Look out for all such aspects while choosing the desired online store for rugs.

2) Return Policy: Always make sure to read the return policy of the store before making purchase. You will come to know how you can deal with the manufacturer, if dissatisfied with the product. This factor is very important for the buyers. Some fraudulent online stores may not state their return policy well. Therefore, you should confirm the return policy before buying rugs from any online market.

3) Terms of Shipping: Every company has their own shipping policy. It is vital that you should be aware of the shipping policies about the online store you are seeking. You will know the details regarding delivery time, extra payment charges or redemption of prices and other information regarding the purchase.

The above-displayed tips are to help customers understand what kind of rugs they should buy. The post also explains which factors to consider while purchasing carpets online.


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