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Simple easy ways to make a home look opulent with Country Rugs

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Why you should go for country rugs?

To advance the look of your home is a difficult task which every single individual faces. But you can improve it by switching to country rugs which has many more benefits and charming features. If you want to pick up the best country rug, you need to find out where exactly you want to place it in your home. You should be specific and for better results always have the proper measurements before buying any rug.

These rugs come in many vivid designs and patterns which perfectly match an ideal home which is sure to grab the attention of your visitors. You can either go for plain country rugs which has minimal designs or for rugs which has geometrical and flowers designs printed on it. If you have a look at these rugs, they come in various materials and fibers like wool, cotton, sisal jute, synthetic, nylon etc.

Style it up in any way:

You may have the best expensive rug in your home but placing any type or style of rug will only make it look clumsier. The first and foremost thing to do is to look at the area where you want to place the rug. Country rugs come in both traditional and transitional with different layouts, helping you to find out the right style of rug to pick and deliver the best effects for the room. Country rugs also come with central medallion which makes it the centre point of the room. If you want a rug with light patterns and motifs then you can opt for a subdued rug.

Country rugs are long and thin which help you to cover hallways, narrow lobby, living areas etc. You can use the bigger ones to cover larger areas of the room and can either use it for wiping, as a wall hanging piece or simply for covering your floors. The style is unique which is also hand woven and hand hooked.

Cleaning instructions:

Now when you have a country rug in your home, you should also know to take care of it and pamper them. You can vacuum your rugs on a regular basis to keep dirt at bay and even shake it off to remove loose dirt. Use a mild solution to clean the rug with some amount of white vinegar added to it. Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth and completely dry it.

Use rug pads for complete protection of your floors. Some of you may have experienced fatal accidents in your life so to avoid this happening in the future, place rugs pad under the rug such that the corners of it are not seen.


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