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Simple Guidelines to keep Rugs from Damaging

Nov 10th, 2011 By

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Every individual desires for the best while decorating the interior of their home, people spent huge sum of money while purchasing interior designing their home with expensive and attractive decorative materials. The most beloved and the enhancing embellishment for your home are rugs that are available in a variety of styles and types such as oriental rugs, Persian rugs, contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, woolen rugs, woven rugs and many more innumerable styles and types of rugs are easily available in the market. Also the best place to purchase these rugs is from the online rug stores that provides cheap rugs at an affordable cost as compared to the market value of the product.

When you purchase rugs that is attractive and cool sumptuous and surely you cannot resist getting home with it and covering your floor with the wonderful looking rug that you just owned. Stylish and trendy rugs are eye catching and are welcoming but just covering your floor with archetypal and classy rugs is not enough you have to take a lot of care to maintain the durability and the condition of the rug.

When you roll a rug in your house you probably wouldn’t care to seep up the dirt before rolling out the rug on the floor and also you wouldn’t mind to walk on the rugs while wearing your shoes. Usually you don’t realize that the rug covered on the floor is sodden with all the road soil that comes along with your shoes and the wind.

Here are a few simple tips that can be sued to clean your rug at home but with proper care:-

  • For rugs made from pure silk they should be placed in areas where dirt cannot get settled on the rug and rough use is less likely. Otherwise use gentle vacuum cleaner as required.
  • For antique rugs using a carpet sweeper or a brush is the best option to clean the dirt in the rug, but make sure that the area of dirt is not rubbed or the rug may get spoiled.
  • To prevent damage from insects and moths an insect spray can be used once in a month in the room where the rug is placed.
  • Spills can normally be unsoiled with a cloth and soapy water.
  • If your rug dyes are fast than you can gently rub a small area of the particular color where it is spoiled and wipe it with a white wet cloth.
  • Be sure that you rub one section of the color at a time or you may accidentally spread the color of one area into another.

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