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Smart Home Decor Ideas for Bicycle Lovers

Jun 27th, 2013 By

Many prefer the simpler side of life. The feeling of being in touch with the natural elements around gives them a sense of freedom and fun. A bicycle has proved to be an ideal companion for such ones.

Today, bicycles are far more popular than they have ever been before. With a rise in traffic and pollution from vehicles, they are proving to be the best mode of transport in cities. In addition, they are a smart way to get around, while keeping a tab on the health quotient at the same time. Look at bicycles around and you will realize that they have evolved into a fashion statement.

Give your home an unconventional edge above others. Implement bicycle inspired home decor items to your room to reflect your love for it.

Chain Inspired Reading Lamps

Give your counters or table an eccentric look with bicycle chain styled reading lamps. Their smart design is bound to grab attention.

Chain Inspired Reading Lamps1


Retro Chic – Table Clock

Add a hint of vintage to your room with a bicycle accent. Set this feel by placing a retro designed bicycle clock, which works as a centerpiece too.

Retro Chic-Table Clock2


Decorative Hanging Piece

The parts of a bicycle when disassembled can be very handy as decor accessories. For example, the wheel of a bike can be used, as a focal accessory to put up a decorative hanging piece, the kids will enjoy it.

Decorative Hanging Piece3


Classic Centerpiece

A 19th century high-wheel cycle in the form of a centerpiece made of metal will tastefully accentuate your desk and give it an endearing feel.

Classic Centerpiece4


Themed Furniture

Surprise your guests with some radical thinking on your part. Get furniture designed from bicycle tires in the form of a table set as seen here. They are suitable for rooms with contemporary themes.

Themed Furniture5


Bedecked Wall Lamp

Set up the mood of your personal corner or nook by having a bicycle-inspired decor. A chain wall lamp will help attain some stunning effects.

Bedecked Wall Lamp6


Contemporary Clock

Wheels have proved to be one of the greatest inventions of humankind. A bicycle wheel simply redefines and extends its purpose when designed into a chic looking clock.

Contemporary Clock7


Eye Catcher – Sun Catchers

A set of stained glass bicycle sun catchers may be effectively utilized in their primary role or even as wall hangings within your home.

Eye Catcher- Sun Catchers8


Petite Planter

A high-wheel designed cycle planter is ideal piece for your outdoor garden. You may place them indoors as well, if you have a large sun porch.

Petite Planter9


Practical and Tactical – Saddle Stool

Apart from the chain and wheels, a saddle is an equally prospective accessory too. Broaden your taste for the unconventional by setting a bicycle saddle inspired stool in your personal bar or room. Excite your friends and guest with a pair of them.

Practical and Tactical-Saddle Stool10


Live in Style – Bicycle Rack Shelf

On speaking about bicycle home accessories, ignoring the bike will be injustice. A bicycle, courtesy its beautiful design is perfect for use as a decorative on your wall. Moreover, pair it with a bike rack shelf and you get a blend of form and function with ease.

Live in Style- Bicycle Rack Shelf11

Take this opportunity to show your passion for bikes and flaunt it with a mix of style and function. Decorate your rooms with bicycle inspired home decor accessories and add a touch of freedom and fun indoors.


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