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Some Wings to Fly, Some Wings to Beautify

Aug 29th, 2012 By
Wings make it possible for the birds to fly. The feathers add grace to these flying creatures. Even though we may really never be able to fly, we can definitely add grace to our abode by opting for a wing-themed home décor. Here are some simple examples of how you can go for a wing-themed décor.

Wing Shaped Fan Blades

Ceiling fans are inevitable for any room. You can add to the grace of these ceiling fans by opting for a wing shaped blade. They resemble the wings of a bird and look wonderful. There are many options in the wing type blades.

If you wish to create a scary effect, you may opt for bat wings for your fan blades. It will look great even with contemporary style of décor.

Wing Shaped Chandeliers

These are chandeliers inspired from the beautiful wings of birds, insects and other flying creatures. They are beautiful and come in many different colors and shades. If you have a solid colored ceiling, it will standout against such a background.

Wing Inspired Stools

The modern interior designers have come up with many innovative stools. The seat of many unique stools has a curvature like many aerodynamic wings. It goes well with modern home décor.

Wing Type Study Room Desks

You may even go for wing-type study desks. These look great and even help to create a formal ambience. Go for simple colors like white or black as these look simple and elegant.

Wing Shaped Wall Décor

You may even decorate your walls with wing inspired wall décor. There are many ways in which you can do these. You can use traditional Japanese fans to decorate the wall of your living room. The wings of these fans look very beautiful and eye-catchy.

Butterfly stools

There are many insects too which have beautiful wings. Butterfly stools are inspired from the graceful wings of a butterfly. You have a wide array of choices. You must select a simple option.

Feather Cushions

Cushions add beauty and comfort to the living room couches. Feather cushions follow a feather theme. They come in many different hues. You may even opt for eco-friendly options for your cushions.

Wing Shaped Knife

There are many intricately carved knifes which are shaped like wings. You may even use these as showpieces. Your visitors will appreciate your choice.

Feather Carpets

Feather carpets are unique and come in different forms and shapes. You can use these carpets for your living room flooring. It will help you decorate your floors and add a stylish edge to it. There are carpets which have feather patterns.

Unique Feather Bulbs

These look like a collection of feathers and illuminate your living space in a very pleasant manner.

Winged Cups and Crockery

You can add style to your coffee table by selecting winged crockery. They really look innovative.


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