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Southwestern Rugs and its Different Styles

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The Southwest states are rich in American and native cultures. The people of these regions have their own culture and rituals. They display their ideas of art through fabric weaving. Southwestern rugs are therefore a popular mode of expression of these cultures. These floor covers are perfect to decorate home interiors. Here is more about these carpets

The Southwest locale is filled with scenic spaces and blue skies. People who have been in these areas are well aware about the natural beauty and love of art visible in the individuals belonging from these regions. Arizona and New Mexico are well known as enchanting lands. Southwestern rugs are bets mementos that come from these regions. Now, people all around the world recognize these flooring as a trendy covering. Many manufacturers now produce these carpets to cover room floors.

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Southwestern rugs have an authentic cultural depiction of art and design prevalent among the artisans from the Native American region. These floor coverings encompass the best of the patterns along with modern hues and attractive materials. Natural materials like wool, cotton, jute and seagrass are majorly utilized in weaving of these carpets. Brown, yellow, red, black and green are popular shades in these fabric coverings.

Important Features of Southwestern Rugs

  • These fabric coverings also can look great as tent covers. The nomads and tribal people of Native America areas did use these coverings to envelope tens and windows.
  • Geometrical patterns and animal illustrations are common designs in these carpets. You can find these carpets to be the most traditional in look, with complementary contemporary motifs.
  • The history of these flooring covers ranges beyond 300 years. These items also possess illustrations of rituals and inhabitant lifestyles.

Rug Designs and Colors

These floor covers depict the peaceful lives of Native American people through artisan motifs. The design of sun and flower is also centric in these carpets. Totem animals and motifs that display qualities like bravery and wisdom are also present in these carpets. Natural plant fibers are more in se to produce southwestern rugs. Natural dyes are also preferable to provide color to these items. Abstract Spanish motifs and native Indian designs are also there on the southwestern rugs.

Southwestern rugs have vivid and bold patterns that are colorful. Even Navajo rugs come in this category of carpets. Motifs of flowers, spirits and nature are majorly present in these floor coverings. Some of these fabric items have patterns that are known to the weavers alone. Revolutions and novel illustrations are welcome in art culture here. So, you will find southwestern rugs that have few modern patterns as well.

Southwestern rugs are just exceptional floor accents. These floor covers have great beauty. You can buy these from our online retail store. There are varied styles present in this rug category at our store. Avail them at a good discount and pick them for home interiors.


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