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Sparkling Fairy light Ideas for your Bed

Dec 23rd, 2012 By
Lighting your home can be an interesting idea this holiday. You can choose different illumination source for this. Fairy lights can be really inspiring for Christmas decoration. It will give your home mystical appearance. A dreamlike and serene look can come over your room with these lights. You can choose this idea for your bed area

Floating Bed

You can beautify your floating bed with fairy lights. You may hang them from the rods or ropes of your mattress. This will look lovely s holiday decoration. You can choose such a concept for December month.


You may celebrate these holidays in country style. You just need to choose amazing fairy lights for your bedroom. You can install them around the footboard and headboard of your cot. You may even paint the background wall of your bedroom with bright shades to go with these lights.


You may give feminine appearance to your daughter’s room with fairy lights. You can hang this over their drapery or canopy beds. It will surely look beautiful. You can even install these bulbs near their bedside table.


You may even invite romantic appearance in your bedroom with fairy lights. You can surround the bed area with these bulbs. Add on heart shaped or patterned pillows on your cot. You can even change the bed sheets to the one of red shade.


To render striking look to your bed, you may just have to bring in some fairy lights for the bed region. You can wrap around these illuminating bulbs around the bed. You can even decorate the whole room with these lighting sources. It will give fantastic appearance to the complete environment.

Eco Friendly

You can also make your home look eco friendly. Install wooden rods and sticks around your bed to create a canopy cot appearance. You can tie around fairy lights on them. This will make your bedroom look quite entertaining. This can suit Christmas themed home interiors.

Kid’s Room

You may even choose recessed or low watt fairy lights for your kid’s room. This will make their space look peaceful. You can even get this kind of illumination source for their study and play area. You can also choose this for your teen daughter or son.


You can install a bed in the outdoors. You may beautify this space with good looking fairy lights. You can choose any color for the bulbs. It can be stark yellow or can also be blue. You may even look out for winter themed lighting as well.

Cottage Style

You can choose cottage style look for your bedroom. Cover the bed region with translucent drapes. Decorate this with fairy lights. You may even accommodate these bulbs on bed headboard or footboard.


You may check out some simple styled design for your bedroom. You can light up the bed region with fairy lights. You can go for unsophisticated look here. You need not buy glamorous or sassy kind of bulbs for your bedroom. Sometimes even minimalist décor looks great.


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