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Splendid Floors With Area Rugs

Apr 7th, 2013 By

Area rugs add color and beauty to your floors. They protect your floors from filth, dirt and deterioration. There are many different varieties of area rugs.

Modern Brown Rug

This is a unique modern brown area rug that is surely inspired from nature. It has flower shaped patterns made on its surface. The background of the rug is brown colored. The rug goes best with modern apartments that use brown color schemes for their living rooms.

The rug shown in the image is made from New Zealand wool. It is soft and tender. It is suitable for simple looking floors.

Stylish Grey Rug

Area rugs can be of different colors and shades. They needn’t always be bright vibrant colors. They may sometimes even be dull shades like grey. Here is a contemporary rug that has a modern pattern on its surface. The grey contemporary rug perfectly goes with the decor of modern living room shown in the image. The pattern resembles the wall art in the room.

This hand tufted area rug is made from a combination of New Zealand wool and Artsilk.

Beige and Brown Stylish Rug

Here is a rug that is apt for modern dark brown living rooms. The rug used on the floors is a modern area rug with creative pattern on its surface. The pattern resembles exploding crackers. It can add to the beauty of your living room floors. Make sure you maintain the rug clean so that it retains its beauty.

This is a hand tufted rug made from New Zealand wool. The pattern is made in chocolate brown shade.

Attractive Brown Rug

Here is an image of a brown and grey living room. The living room is modern with a majestic sofa set. The rug is placed at the center of the sofa set. The rug used is a modern brown area rug. The rug background is beige colored while the pattern is made from shades of brown.

This is a hand tufted area rug made from New Zealand wool. Regular vacuuming helps to maintain it clean.


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