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Spooky Gore Table Décor

Oct 28th, 2012 By
As Halloween is approaching, most of us are busy decorating our homes with spooky home décor items and collectibles. Are you in search of some new idea to decorate your house this All Hallows Eve? Here are a few classy ways to decorate the table tops using attractive accessories. These suggestions can help you decorate your apartment in a classy way.

Eerie Halloween Candles

We often have candle light dinners. You must buy special candles for Halloween. These are wax creations that perfectly go with the scary theme of your remaining Halloween décor.

Scary Vases

An apartment truly appears lifeless if there are no plants in it. You can breathe in life into your apartment using some spooky vases. These come in distinctive shapes which may actually frighten you.

Halloween Lanterns

You may also illuminate your tabletop using attractive Halloween lanterns that have been specially crafted for this particular occasion. They may either be shaped like the standard pumpkin from Wizard of Oz. They may even be shaped like skulls or skeleton heads. Select the ones which blend with your table décor.

Food Art To Decorate Dining Table

Dining tables can be decorated creatively using food art. You can make scary skull faces using watermelons. Egg art is also very popular in this occasion.

Coasters To Color Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be beautified using marvelous eco-friendly coasters. These have scary bats and spirits drawn on their surface. They may come in round, square or other attractive shapes.

Cups To Decorate your Coffee Table

Cups are available in many unique shapes. They may even have the shape of a skull’s face. They may either be simple or may even be carved. They may simply be black and white or may even be multicolored.

Table Cloths for Halloween

You can cover the table top using waterproof tablecloths. These may have the scene of graveyard drawn on them. They may even have happy flying spirits drawn on their surface. These table cloths help you maintain the table clean.

Halloween Coffee Tables

The contemporary coffee tables come in odd shapes. These shapes can make them appear all the more scary. Your guests will surely appreciate you for your superior choice.

Halloween Themed Utensils and Vessels

You may even use attractive vessels to decorate the surface of your dining table. You may use skull themed plates or bowls as a table décor. You may have utensils made from ceramic.

Jugs and Jars as Table Décor

You may even use odd faced jugs and jars to decorate the table in your house. Make sure these have faces that frighten you. There are usually countless options even in this category. Make sure the jar or jug you choose goes with the rest of the table décor. Nothing should appear out of place.


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