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Spotted Shag Rugs to Color Your Floors

Dec 6th, 2012 By
Shag rugs are preferred due to their longer pile. The longer pile makes them softer and more attractive. These rugs can help to keep your rooms clean. They are ideal for any style of home decoration. Here are some examples of spotted shag rugs with which you can add color to your floors.

Multicolor Spots Round Shag Rugs

These are shag rugs that you can use to decorate your floors. These are white shag rugs with colorful spots on them. The spots make them even more attractive. Clean them regularly by regular vacuuming. This will keep the rug clean and the home free of allergens.

Orange and White Spotted Shag Rug

These are white rugs with orange spots all over them. These are classy for decorating living rooms. These will go with kid’s room interiors. You must maintain these rugs clean by regular vacuuming. This will help to keep the home neat and tidy.

Lavender and White Spotted Shag Carpet

These go best with teenage girl’s rooms. The color is very mild and makes the room appear sober. You must maintain it clean and intact. These rugs may even have fringes at their edges.

Ivory and Blue Multicolor Shag Area Rugs

These are shag rugs that help to create a soothing effect on your eyes. These shag rugs need occasional vacuuming. You may wash them once in six months but use detergents that do not affect the dye used to color these rugs.

Green and Gold Shag Rugs

These beautiful carpets are best fit for bedrooms. They make the bedroom appear royal and luxurious. They are ideal for homes that employ natural shades and hues.

Sober Green Shag Rugs

These are light green shag rugs. These rugs suit kid’s rooms well. They make the room appear eye-pleasing.

Polka Dotted Round Shag Rugs

These are polka dotted round shag area rugs. They can be an attraction in the living room. They can easily draw everyone’s attention. They can go well with traditional as well as modern style of home decoration.


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