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Sprinkle Exquisiteness Indoors using Floral Rugs

Jun 1st, 2013 By

Nature has long been a source of inspiration to man. Floral themes especially, have been widely used in arts and crafts through the ages and in various cultures across the globe for their endearing beauty and colors. Scatter the essence of spring into your home with floral rugs.

Adorning a house that complements your fondness for nature can be easier than you may have thought. However, discreetness is necessary. Take a good look at nature itself and you will notice patterns that you may follow to decorate your home. Incorporating floral themed rugs to your interiors are among the best options to choose. These rugs vividly portray patterns, designs and motifs inspired from nature that help accentuate your room’s aura.

Harness Charm Indoors

Floral rugs have proven to be the best choice to decorate rooms. They are versatile in that they exhibit a perfect blend of beauty, art, grace and colors. These rugs contribute an element of drama and elegance that are their prime characteristics, to a room. An effective way to enhance the overall visual quality of your room is by placing them in rooms that receive a good amount of sunlight.

pink and brown floral rug1


Add Vibrancy

Among several patterns and colors, the combination of green tones along with intricate leaf designs work wonders! It is the best way to evoke energy and vivacity into your room and lend a textured effect to a warm colored interior. However, it is important that you maintain a clutter free decor, which in turn will help a floral rug complement your overall room as seen in the image here.

Green floral rug2


Allure the Senses

Floral rugs are largely flower inspired; thereby they can cover a whole rug with flower designs and floral motifs. That said this type of rug would be a perfect addition to a young girl’s bedroom, gracing a feminine touch. Moreover, it can gel well in your master bedroom creating for a serene ambiance. As a fact, you may place this rug in other rooms as well, such as a guest room or bathrooms.

Amyline brown floral rug3


Entertain Elegance

A floral themed rug does not mean it is limited to bedrooms and bathrooms only. Say goodbye to that perception. These types of rugs are famous for being grand. Hence, a fitting addition to your living room or dining room. Their broad patterns and warm tones help give them a distinguished appeal. Entertain your guest with flair and style.

Grey floral rug4


Sprinkle Cheer

Little children are likely to take a fondness for floral rugs. Their bright-vivid colors and cheerful designs are apt for kids’ rooms too. Kids are active by nature and on the move. A rug can prove as a good seating option too. Turn your house into a beautiful work of art through focusing on other home decor accessories as well. Nevertheless, it is essential you keep an eye to blend your walls and surrounding decor with that of your floor covering.

blue and grey floral rug5

Floral pattern floor covers can be like the sunlight in a meadow that brightens and beautify the surroundings.Integrate floral rugs into your home decor to enhance quality and add a touch of natureto your home.                                                                                                                    


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