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Stain Resistant Polyester Shag Rugs for Homes

Mar 10th, 2013 By

Polyester is a synthetic fiber commonly used to make area rugs. There are several advantages of these polyester shag rugs. Here we have listed a few examples of attractive polyester shag rugs. They look impressive and blend well with different styles of home decorations. Here are a few apt examples.

Black and White Shag Rug

Here is a very simple living room decorated using the common elements of home decoration. There is a stone fireplace that adds to the beauty and grace of the living room. The rug used is a polyester shag rug with black and white pile. A coffee table is placed on top of the rug. The rug can be the focal point in such simple living rooms.

White Shag Rug2

Brown Shag Rug

Here is an amazing brown shag rug made from polyester. It contrasts a light colored living room perfectly. You may use this rug to cover the floors of simple living rooms. It helps to protect the floors and keeps the floors tidy.

Multi Colored Red Shag Rug

You can even have multicolored shag rugs. Here is a multicolored red shag rug made from polyester. The strands of these rugs are in shades of red. It easily adds brightness and beauty to your living room.

Green Rug for Dining Room Floor

The choice of rugs for dining room should be done with care. The colors of the rug should be those which increase your appetite. Avoid colors like blue or black for the dining room. Here is a great looking green shag rug made from polyester for your dining room. It will match the simple dining room perfectly.

Beige Brown Multicolored Shag Rugs for Bedroom

The beige brown rug made from polyester is perfect for modern minimalist bedrooms. These are multicolored rugs and have shades of beige and brown. The rug has a long pile and looks great on modern floors.

Why should you use Polyester Shag Rugs?

There are several reasons which may prompt you to purchase a polyester shag rug. Here are a few of the major reasons.

  • Polyester rugs come in many different shades.
  • The polyester fabrics do not get stained easily.
  • It is easy to maintain the polyester rugs.

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