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Stay in-tune with nature with eco-friendly rugs

May 6th, 2013 By

Have you wanted to be with nature? The best ways to have nature at home are eco-friendly rugs. Contemporary home designers suggest these environmentally safe options as the latest trend. They are the fast-selling products this season.
Imagine having the glory of nature at home. We want the beauty of fresh greens, wild flowers and other natural elements in our home. They have a unique natural beauty. There are different types of eco-friendly carpets to choose from. These varieties are explained below:

Grass rugs

One of the more popular patterns for spring, they are eco-friendly. Made out of natural raw materials, they are available in all leading stores. Available in all types of colors, shapes and sizes, they can be placed in any room. The natural fibers used for the floor cover have a natural feel. They feel like natural grass is present in your living room.

Sea-grass is used to make eco-friendly rugs

Sea-grass is naturally grown in China’s paddy fields. When they are dried in the sun, they make ideal materials for floor covers. They are spun using a very durable string yarn. Later, in the weaving process, different designs are created. Hence, you will find a versatile collection of these hand-made rugs online in some of the leading websites.

Benefits of having jute and bamboo rugs

Jute is the softest natural fiber around. Bamboo rugs on the other hand have texture and can add character to the room. Both these rugs are very eco-friendly as they are made out of natural fibers. They blend perfectly well with contemporary and traditional home decor styles. They have an appeal in all homes that need a visually-appealing floor cover.

Wool is very sustainable

Amongst all the categories of eco-friendly rugs, wool is the most attractive. One of the most popular choice for all homes, they bring home their own charm. Apart from being contemporary, they are a naturally renewable resource. They are long-lasting and compliment all seasons. Ideal for any decor, they are available in a variety of patterns and designs.

Safety of having eco-friendly rugs

One can list safety as the biggest reason for having these natural-fiber carpets. They are ideal for rooms and stairs. These eco-friendly floor covers are made of natural fibers that prevent hard footfalls. They can be placed on stairs and in bathrooms where it is most likely to have falls. They have the capacity to undertake a large amount of falls.

Cost-effective floor covers made out of natural fibers

Eco-friendly rugs have natural fibers grown in nature. They are cost- effective and very durable. In the long run, the cost of these rugs will normalize as they are very reasonable. Natural fibers like jute and bamboo are very reasonable.

Of all the varieties of eco-friendly materials, the wool rugs are the most popular. One can use these materials to create a variety of modern designs for homes. Sea-grass, jute and bamboo have their own texture and character. Each one of these raw materials have their own identity for home decor experts.


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