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Style Affair at home with Roman Shades

Nov 19th, 2012 By
Roman shades are the ones that have a flat sheet of fabric. They fold up very neatly into horizontal panes. When you pull the string down, the blinds turn up and vice versa when the string is pulled down. You may choose from varied color shades in them. You can also opt for different designs and sizes for them. There are many choices in Roman blinds

Roman Shades: A close Up View

This close up view makes you see the beauty of this shade. It looks really awesome. It is perfect for winter themed home interiors. Light and still striking to look at, you can definitely get this for interiors of home. You may want to get it for your living room and also sunroom. The rustic shade makes it look even more wonderful.

Roman Shades: Earthy Tone Comeback

If you want to choose something in dark color for Roman blinds, earthy tone is the best. It will give you the feeling of outdoors. These roman shades are also preferable for home interiors like bedroom and kid’s room. You can also opt for this in your living room. It is ideal for traditional as well as modern home setup.

Roman Shades: Enter the Green

You can grant a lush green effect in your home interiors with such kind of Roman shades. You can install this in kitchen or home office. It has a solid color. This makes the blinds look really awesome. You may even opt for this type of curtain for your study room or library. It will grant a serene appearance to your area.

Roman Shades: Christmas on the Way

You can also choose red colored Roman shades for your home. This will make your house look relevant for Christmas theme this winter. You can also install this in your bedroom or living room. This will look nice in spacious rooms. You can still install in modular home setups.

Roman Shades: Green Living

You can also go green this winter with eco friendly Roman shades. Those made from jute and other natural materials will be ideal for your house. You can install them in your dining room, kitchen and other spaces. You can also look at various other kinds of similar Roman shades for your space.

Roman Shades: Striped Enclave

You can also opt for nicely striped Roman shades for your area. This will look crisp and fine for your space. You can also go for winter color shades for them. Draped in white tone and autumn shades, this shade will look excellent for home interiors.


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