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Stylish Rugs to Cover Modern Floors

Feb 27th, 2013 By
Rugs play a key role in decorating the floors. There are several options among area rugs. The options vary in color, shape, dimensions, size and material. You must select a rug made from a suitable material to cover your floors so that your floors remain free from dirt, filth and pollution. Here are some attractive options among area rugs which you may use to cover your living room and bedroom floors. These are rugs belonging to the category of modern area rugs and are having attractive and distinct patterns

Brown Living Rooms with Attractive Rugs

Brown living rooms look sober and attractive. The mood of the brown living room completely changes based on the décor you choose for your living room. The living room should be designed to impress guests too.

Here is an image of an impressive brown living room. The rug used is a contemporary brown rug that has an amazing geometric pattern on its surface. The pattern is made from several concentric circles. The rug is made from pure New Zealand wool. You may even refer to this rug as a multicolor rug as it even has traces of white and beige. The rug can add to the beauty of your living room if you maintain the rug clean and intact.

Decorate Bedroom Floors with Modern Rugs

Choice of rugs for bedroom floors should be of your choice. You must prefer cool colored area rugs for bedroom floors. You must always prefer a rug that perfectly blends with your bedroom interiors. You may have plain wooden furniture like a master bed in your bedroom. A cabinet and a mirror are also commonly visible in most bedrooms. You must select a rug that will match these furnishings perfectly.

Here is a brown and blue contemporary area rug. The rug is made from New Zealand wool. It has an abstract pattern on its surface. There are spheres on the entire rug with arbitrary brown lines on these spheres. The rug will blend perfectly with brown bedroom interiors. It will look great in bedrooms where you have used a modern decor.


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