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Supplies and Tools to Keep Your Windows Clean

Nov 8th, 2012 By

Windows look impressive only when the window panes are maintained clean. There are some common tools and implements that are used to maintain the window clean. Here is a list of the common tools and supplies that help to maintain the windows clean.


Wash Brush

Wash brushes are brushes used to clean up the various household surfaces. The bristles of these brushes help to clean the dirt and filth from the surface being cleaned.

Vacuum Cleaner

You may even vacuum your windows to keep it clean. There is a very unique and handy window vacuum cleaner now in the market. It is simple and elegant. It helps you clean the window surface very nicely.


Squeegee is a scraping device that is used to clean the window surface. It uses a rubber edged blade set for cleaning purpose. It is one of the best tools that help you to keep the windows clean and sparkling.

Window Cleaning Robot

A new invention that helps you clean windows is the window cleaning robot. It is a compact device that is readily available in the market today. The window cleaning robot is of a Korean origin. The device even has an auto alarm system that warns the user when the cleaning is over.

Bucket For Window Cleaning

You may need special buckets to help maintain your windows clean. These buckets have a rectangular construction. They may either be covered or without a cover. They come in many different colors and shades. The rectangular shape enables you to dip the cleaning brush easily into the detergent solution.

Window Cleaning Spray

You will need the right cleaning solution to clean the window panes and to keep it sparkling clean. There are countless cleaning agents available in the market. You must select the detergent depending on your requirement and the estimated budget. You must make sure that the cleaning agent is eco-friendly. It should not have any toxic effect on the surroundings or environment.


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