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Tantalizing Collection of Checkered Window Blinds

Sep 21st, 2012 By
Country style or modern interiors, checkered window blinds look good on each type of windows. They have a simple pattern that appeals to most of the people. It can contain many colors or just two shades. You can check out the recent designs in them and also look for innovative hues that can make them appear more contemporary.

Country Red and White Checkered Window Blinds

This red and white checkered curtain will look the best against the wood or stone wall accent. You can opt for this in the dining area or the breakfast nook. Simple furniture and neutral shade wall will be perfect to blend with the atmosphere. You can even select similar color and pattern dining table linen to match the window blinds.

Captain Style Checkered Window Blinds

You may get inspired to bring home the sea life or nautical theme. For this purpose, you can choose the navy blue and white checkered curtains. You can buy this for the children’s room or even the bedroom. It can look wonderful against the pastel shades. Sure to impress the visitors, you can even put them over in the kitchen and the guest area.

Winter World Checkered Window Blinds

The age old pattern of the chessboard can be enhanced to suit the checkered curtains. Similar kind of valance to drape the bedroom and the living room windows is an excellent idea. You can set the in contrast with brightly painted walls or ivory colored wall stencil designs. It is very pleasing to the eyes also. You can cover even the sliding doors or panels with it.

Forest Theme Checkered Window Blinds

Invite home the summer feel with forest theme interiors. You can purchase a checkered curtain with the colors of the jungle. A mixture of the earthy brown, green, ivory, and white will look cute with natural plants all around the room. It will soothe your senses and also make for a very calm home environment. You can get this for the living room or the bedroom. Be sure to get similar wall paint color for the area.

American Style Checkered window Blinds

You can opt for the American style checkered curtains for the home interiors. With bold colors like red, green and few pastels, this can even suit as a window valance. You can decorate the passageways and the mudrooms with this. It will stand out in the sunroom and other open spaces. A box patterned window will bring into focus the designs and the shades on this curtain well.

Formal Style Checkered Window Blinds

For a more formal appeal in the study room or the library, you can opt for these checkered curtains. They can even be a remarkable choice for the workspace or even the kitchen. The darker shades of black along with few pastels will make the area look credible. Red carpet on the floors will promote the appearance also. Get wooden furniture for a complete look.

Border Checkered Window Blinds

If you want a solid colored curtain then you can choose simple borders as a checkered pattern for them. It will act as a lovely window treatment for the outdoors or even the smallest spaces. If it is too minimalist for you then you can jazz it with grayish blue valance and a supporting backsplash of a thin drape. Designer metal rods will enhance the room even more.


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