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The patterns of Oriental rugs are defined in age old empires

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Oriental rugs come in different rich patterns ranging from the well-known hand knotted ones to the more modern machine made area rugs. These have a history of production and a cultural ethnicity in each of them. The sheep wool Oriental Tibetan rugs are the most traditional in its origin and have a high concentration of woven knots to them. Their thickness is the central integrity of the whole carpet and is characterized by images of their national animals like tigers, dragons. The contemporary rugs in them have tantric illustrations. They have an outstanding effect by combining the elements of height, width, length and the mass.

The old Oriental rugs originated in Iran are knotted by hands. They have detailed patterns on them which can be floral or geometric. Hamadan, Kashan, Heriz, Persian Tabriz Carpet, Baluch, Herati, Bakhtaran Rugs are few among the well-known rugs of this kind. They come in various patterns and colors and are a vintage.

The Oriental Pakistani rugs are in existence since centuries. They have skilled labor in knotting them manually. They are made with pure New Zealand wool and are made with dyes from a vegetable or the Swiss chrome dye. Some of the majorly known rugs in them are Gabbeh Carpet, Mogul, Kerman, Aubusson, Pakistani Tabriz, Oushak rugs.

The Afghan made Oriental rugs depict mostly the war scenes between the armed fight of Soviet Union and Afghanistan. They were made by the aboriginal tribes of the region but now are made in factories manually.

The Indian Oriental rugs are majorly made in Agra and the Punjab area. These have floral patterns and other designs and are customized for its thick pile which is very soft and comfortable. The Indian sarouk and Herati rugs are very well known among them.

The Oriental Chinese rugs were made by hand in ancient time but with modernization they are naturally made with machines. They come in floral patterns and the wool used is of good quality. They are dyed with Swiss chrome and other vegetable and animal skin dyes. The Bijar, Kashan and Tabriz rugs are few among the main rugs in this category.

The Turkish Oriental rugs are available in large sizes comfortably and come with a thickness which is set in a pile or woven very fine. They have geometric patterns in them and come in bright colors. These rugs have a high demand in eastern parts of the world.

Select the origin of the Oriental rugs you desire and make your home look serene.


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