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Throw Rugs for Bathroom

Dec 10th, 2013 By

The bathroom is an essential room, important, as are other rooms in a house. It is a functional area; however, even this space deserves personalization and timely updates. This though does not translate to high-end renovations requiring elaborate reconstruction. Perhaps, a bathroom rug is all that is needed to liven up the look.

We spend a considerable amount of time every day in the bathroom. It proves to be an area to unwind and get oneself refreshed, be it at the start of the day or night after a long day at work. When intending to decorate, spend some time contemplating on throw rugs. They are an excellent means to add both beauty and function to this space without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are some more reasons to consider if you are looking forward to update your bathroom.

 Accentuates Floors

Observe and you shall notice that a majority of bathrooms have linoleum or tile floorings. Undoubtedly, each looks good their own way; nonetheless, one cannot ignore the fact that they transfer cold to our feet. Adding an appropriate floor cover has two benefits–provides warmth to your feet and accentuates the flooring’s overall appeal with an element of design. In other words, it boosts the bathroom’s decor.



Transforms Look

Unlike earlier days, bathroom throws have more use than simply serving a utilitarian purpose that of keeping the floor dry. Today, these have transformed into a vital decor accessory, which is being widely employed to decorate bathrooms. They are the easiest way to set up a new, unique and stylish look, while avoiding any need to repaint or retile. Interestingly, a good floor cover can help give your bathroom the feel of a luxurious spa.



Adds Style

Often, bathroom floor covers go underrated and are considered boring. You will be highly mistaken to fall for such hearsay. The fact stands different. With the right choice of bath rug, one is free to highlight their taste or style. One can easily make a style statement by incorporating a stylish throw. That is one of many reasons for their being a rage with designers.



Provides Comfort and Protection

Apart from their appealing form factor, one cannot overlook their ability to provide comfort and protection–their primary role. Post shower, nothing beats the feeling of putting one’s feet on a soft-comfortable rug. One can be thankful for it provides a dry and safe spot to stand; keeping you from harm’s way, which could result due to slipping on wet floors. It also protects rest of the bathroom from water seepage.



 A Makeover Accessory

To give a special appeal to this space, it will be wise to set up a theme and match your rug to it. You may opt by placing it as a centerpiece and design the rest of the room around it. For a complete makeover, add few accessories along, which blend in with the color and design scheme. There is a wide range of bathroom rugs to choose to achieve your desired look and feel, both in term of visual interest and texture. Cotton, jute, polyester, nylon and polypropylene are among the popular choices to go for.


In comparison to other means of decor for updating the bathroom, rugs are affordable. Make sure to buy ones that are easy to maintain, and not vulnerable to mold or mildew. To avoid rotting and slipping add a rubber backing. Remember, an appropriate mix of flooring, furnishing and throw rugs produces a beautiful looking bathroom decor.


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