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May 21st, 2013 By

Blue is the coolest shade in nature’s mystical palette. Since it gives the feeling of distance, in art this color is used to show perspective. Traditional or contemporary, modern or vintage, blue colored rugs appeal to every human with an aesthetic sense.

Travel yourself in the realm of youth and high ideals

The color blue stands for being young and is considered principle oriented. It surely releases some chemicals, which soothes your eyes. It could be due to the blue settling in or contrasting any other given shade so well that they almost work as a backdrop.

Feel Fresh and Airy:

Feel Fresh and Airy

This is a beautiful blue contemporary styled rug which is hand woven and made from polyester. This patio porch rug will make you feel fresh and vibrant. The color will rejuvenate your mind and body every time you happen to step on it. While coming into the kitchen or going back to your study room, how nice would it be to see a round or rectangle shaped rug creating some subtle magic?


Embrace Grandeur:

Embrace Grandeu

The specialty of this rug is that it looks royal. Go for this vintage pattern rug to go under your tables and chairs. The sophisticated intricate diamond shaped patterns are brought to life to suit your modern interiors. Try to pick and choose the flat-weave pile, making sure that they would be thinner than most tufted woollen rugs. Toned with golden wallpapers, accents and accessories will give you the regal look you were trying to ace.


Go Contemporary:

Go Contemporary

Geometric shapes and symmetrical styles in rugs are quite trendy these days. This blue rug with lowering colored patterns is simple and yet outstanding. This one specifically is hand tufted and is durable in the long run, that doesn’t mean it is thick and rigid. It is made of soft and supple fiber. You would feel brilliance all around you once you enter a bedroom that has crisp white bed linen and this magnum opus that goes all linear and complements your ambience.


Blossom around Flowers:

Blossom around Flowers

Floral prints whiff an aroma of freshness in your living area. This classic floral print contemporary modern rug does the same. A precious keep in all its elements put along together, this rug will fascinate you if teamed up with stripes and abstract designed home décor. Available in sizes and versatile enough to mould into any shape, this rug is perfect.


For the Kid in Everyone:

For the Kid in Everyone

Relive your childhood as well as let your kids dream being around their favourite cars and engines for real, while adorning this plush rug in their rooms. Choose this one because it depicts the finer moments of your youth vividly. Combine it with thoughtful night theme lamps, curtains, decals etc.

Just like the ocean, the selection of blue rugs out there is vast. One shade would differ from the other. Why not have each of these above mentioned so that it completes the kaleidoscope of shades that spruce up your house.


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