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Tips To Get Rid Of Beer Stains from Your Rug

Jan 27th, 2013 By
You may have placed a carpet to cover the floors of your home bar. It is sad when a beautiful carpet gets beer stains on it spoiling its beauty completely. Here are some simple tips that will help you get rid of beer stains on the carpet. This will help you get the carpet back to its original beauty and form.


Getting rid of beer stains from Carpets

Here are the basic steps you must follow to get rid of beer stains.

  1. You must first try and scoop up as much spill as you can. You must then vacuum the dry parts of the spill.
  2. You must now prepare a cleaning solution for the carpet. The solution can be prepared if you mix ¼ teaspoon mild liquid dish washing soap with a cup of luke warm water.
  3. Apply the solution on a less significant area of your carpet as you first need to test the solution. Testing will help you know whether the solution will discolor the carpet or harm it in any way.
  4. You should work radially from the outer area of the stain towards the center.
  5. You must let the cleaning solution to remain on the spill for at least five minutes.
  6. You should then blot the stain using a clean white fabric till all the stain is completely removed.
  7. You must not rub the stained area as this can hamper the fabric of the rug in that area.
  8. This solution should work well in case of beer stains. If this does not help, you can try the next solution.
  9. The next is a solution of two teaspoons of white vinegar in 4 cups of hot water.
  10. You must follow the same procedure for the solution of white vinegar too. If even this solution does not help, you may contact a professional for help.
  11. After the cleaning procedure is over, you can use sheets of white paper towel to absorb any moisture that is remaining. You may let this sheet stay overnight to absorb the moisture.


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