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Top 10 Window Treatments this September

Sep 6th, 2013 By

Revitalize your home this month with new options of window treatments. As summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner, weather changes may leave you needful for some protective curtains. Here are a list of top 10 drapes that can go well with home interiors to secure and add charm to rooms and windows. These bear wonderful patterns, colors, styles and are in trend


One of the amazing DIY activities can be to use old frayed clothing in a utilitarian way. With patchwork technique, you can sew such colorful pieces together and make drapes out of them. Shape these as café curtains to look more alluring. These can work well in kitchen, bathroom and other section of home interiors. Provide these a Moroccan or Mexican touch by splaying beads and varied tones. Perhaps Oriental patterns on the surface can appear attractive for such products.

Patchwork 1



You can either embellish existing drapes with color ribbons or use long strands of ribbons to standout as individual drapes. Both of such ideas are endearing to beautify windows. Be it outdoors, or any part of room, these can be a great way to add panache to home interiors. You can decorate ribbons further by affixing sparkles and craft objects on their surface. So, as autumn is approaching, many festivities will come to play. Such window treatments are excellent for occasions and events.

Ribbons 2


Chevron Shades

The striped drapes are in fad, but so are the zigzag patterned curtains. One can find such colorful options easily online. Many of manufacturers even provide the choice of customization. Usually finding color options in these window treatments is not difficult at all. In fact, you can even make these at home by taking a plain drape and repainting them in pattern of chevron shades. Hence, these are one of the best in revamping formal as well as informal nooks in home interiors.

Chevron Shades 3


Ombre Shades

Another choice of attractive shades can be the ones that bear ombre pattern of colors. A swish of paintbrush on paper can lay down abstract design that ascends from down to up, displaying varied tones. Similarly, such practice can be experimented on drapes as well. Here you will find that the colors move on the surface in an easy manner, which invites a joyful look for home interiors. These can be ideal for kid’s room or recreational area. They are great at delivering cheerful appearance to surroundings.

Ombre Shades 4


Tea Towels

Why throw away old tea towels? Rather use these creatively and deliver a functional value to rooms. Join through weaving, knotting, tufting or braiding to construct beautiful curtains for windows. To grant more penchants, one can utilize tea towels of different designs and colors. Many of you may fancy oriental and Asian inspired tea towels for their intricate designs and rich color schemes. These can be wonderful accents for recreation nooks like sunroom, guest area, game room and even outdoors.

Tea Towels 5


Flat Weave

As summer is at the peak and autumn is, soon approaching, thick drapes may not be of interest among homeowners. Flat weave curtains are incredible for such seasons as these are soft and light weighted. These can become fit for windows and allow breeze and light to get through in home interiors. You may consider cotton flat weave shades or the ones made from burlap and jute. These will keep home interiors cool and protect the surroundings from dust and other pests.

Flat Weave 6



Like how fringes add beauty to carpets, ruffles and curls do the same to drapes. You can look into ruffled drapes of different kinds. Many of these possess ruffles at the sides, middle, downwards or at abstract sections on surface. Choose the pattern of ruffles you like the most and customize that drape. Swirl of colors and geometric designs can look appealing for these window treatments. Animal print patterns are in trend. Combine these with ruffles on shades; you will have most jazzy appearing shades.

Ruffled 7



Seasonal woes this year could be suffocation in home interiors because of stuffy surroundings. So, no need to restrict breeze from entering home interiors. As much as privacy is important, you also need some fresh air to breathe. Flowy curtains are best to go with to beautify large or any sized windows. These will allow the home interiors to interact with the outdoor elements like air and light. Such drapes will also protect rooms from dirt and other unnecessary particles. Translucent burlap, jute, cotton, bamboo shades of this type can be quite good for windows.

Flowy 8


Roman Shades

Roman blinds are one of the exceptional window treatments in existence since the time revolution on home design took place. These are easy to maneuver and function. Many manufacturers sell motorized Roman shades. You can even construct this with flat weave cloth this season. These possess strings attached at the sides with which you can use to control the incoming light in room interiors. Painting, embroiling, stitching and sewing on them creatively can make these appear better, if you are customizing this yourself.

Roman Shades 9



Marbleizing has become a trendy activity for youngsters in technological and craftwork. Software that helps users to use colors and patterns creatively can also be done manually. When this idea is applied to curtains, these can look enticing. You can purchase marbleized curtains online and choose from the variations in designs and tones. Go with the ones that reflect the color palette in home interiors or that of the surroundings. Green, blue, orange, yellow, brown and red are the colors of the season you should explore in marbleized window treatments.

Marbleized 10

The above-mentioned curtains are a new generation choice of window treatments. You can find more choices online. However, these can be amazing picks for summer and autumn. Combination of more than one of such curtains in home interiors can reflect modernization and love for experimentation. You may refer our site for information on other kinds of window treatments as well.


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