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Traditional and contemporary floral rugs for home

Jul 5th, 2012 By

Floral rugs with their dashing design and gorgeous flower pattern are ideal for home flooring. They have an eminence since centuries. The rug industry has seen an evolution of these rugs from the historic to the modern times.

Traditional floral rugs

Floral rugs can have prints of different flowers on them. Many traditional rugs like the Oriental rugs have these designs on them. Persian floral rugs are very popular in the rug industry. Most of the homeowners choose them for the flooring. You can even find some wool rugs and tribal rugs to have this design scheme.

Even the Chinese rugs and the Indian rugs possess floral prints. The traditional cotton rugs have standard floral patterns with display of entwining vines and leaves. The colorful pictorial representation of this pattern on the vintage rugs and the ancient rugs, make them look remarkable for the home design.

Contemporary floral rugs

Modern floral rugs have more room for creativity and imagination. You may need a home décor that have elements that appeal to your senses and also leave a mark of impression on your guests. You can even find flower shaped rugs these days with floral prints. Flower rugs can have elaborate or just an individual and colorful floral design.

Some of the French country area rugs and the other country rugs have intricate and simple patterns of flowers on them. You can find similar designs for the contemporary tropical rugs too. Kid’s rugs with pink flower designs or a red rose rug also looks precious for the girl’s room or your child’s room. You can even place them in other areas.

Where to use the floral rugs in home?

Floral rugs are lovely for home design. You can place them in the living room to make the area look mystical and charismatic. Some of these area rugs will look defining in the outdoors too. Choose natural rugs of this type to give a feeling of nature to the outdoors and the indoors. Lay a floral rug on the porch or the balcony.

You can even place them in the garden passageway and use them as rug runners or the stair runners. Otherwise, utilize floral rugs in the kid’s room for a joyful appearance of the region. The bedroom area can also have flower rugs and the guest room will definitely stand out with this kind of flooring cover.

Flower rugs will also look excellent for the recreation room. You can deliver a touch of elegance to the kitchen and bathroom area with them. Choose red rugs or pink rugs in this type. The purple rugs with lilac and crimson flower patterns will look awesome. You can have them in the front hall and the grand rooms. Otherwise, place the floral rugs in the courtyard.


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