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Traditional rugs are a natural blend of regional designs and best for your floors

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In pristine times, many regions which started off with rugs have a set of cultural presence that was depicted through the designs on their rugs. They were mostly from Oriental countries and places of Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, China, Egypt and some other Oriental countries. When the ideas of these regions came to be capitulated in their rugs, a new form of rug rose from the blends of designs from different countries. These kinds of Area rugs came to be known as traditional rugs.

An Oriental or regional rug can be traditional but not every rug is Oriental or of a particular region. They might be produced from anywhere in the world. They don’t have any particular set of cultural representations and art form but an amalgamation of all the propositions and innovations. This is what which gives traditional rugs unique form and style.

You may want a traditional rug due to its classic mixture of patterns and designs which appeal to your taste and gel in with the atmosphere of your home. The good thing about these rugs is that they can be placed in any room of your home and even the exteriors. These rugs don’t have any flaws on construction when it comes to aesthetics. You can either have a sophisticated traditional rug with detailing and intricate work or a simple traditional rug with minimal designs and tidy display of neat and visible forms of art.

The simpler traditional rugs are mostly preferred for kid’s room. Children get confused due to complicated designs and hue colors, hence traditional rugs which use standard colors and fewer patterns are produced for child’s room. You can relate these rugs more to your kids by having prints of myths and legends or cartoon characters inset among its regular designs.

You can use traditional rugs which are longer in length in the pathways of garden and the exterior of your home. Soothing colors can be used on traditional rugs for kitchen and bathroom mat. While traditional rugs having more of Oriental taste can be reserved for main hall and guest rooms. For your personal bedroom you can choose a traditional rug which has more of centre space and more detailing on the borders.

Smaller traditional rugs made from wool or natural fibers can be used as a bedside floor cover or an underfoot mat which you can step on as you wake up. These rugs can be even framed and hung on the walls in form of tapestries or they can rest freely on the floors of your stairs as well. But be sure that you have safety pads installed under heavy traffic area to ward off any mishaps.

So get a traditional rug of your choice design and color soon!


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