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Transitional rugs create harmony in Rooms

May 2nd, 2013 By

Have you always wanted a blend of two worlds? Well, transitional area rugs merge the best of traditional patterns and contemporary designs. Any room that is accentuated with these floor covers has a distinctive ambience.  

Achieving an elegant look is never that difficult with online shopping options. Most home décor solutions are available from a plethora of sites on the internet. Some of the more popular sites for redecorating homes has been on floor covers. This is the reason for the popularity of transitional area rugs. Accentuating the beauty of both the worlds, there are a wide variety of collections on various designs.

Similar to traditional floor covers

Do you like traditional patterns? Well, if you are a fan of these motifs then you will choose a floor cover with them. Some aspects of the transitional floor covers have classical patterns. Some floor covers have a complete floor cover design depicting the beautiful traditional designs. The classic feel of these floor covers spreads a sense of natural elegance in the room.

Transitional Rug1


Similar to contemporary rugs

Transitional floor covers have bold colors with sharp lines to enhance them. These are signs of a contemporary design. These modern patterns combined with the traditional ones, give out a unique style. Most of these floor covers are distinguishable and none of them can be identified with similar patterns or shades. The appeal of these transitional floor covers is that they encompass the best of both worlds.

Transitional Rug2


Blending the modern with the ancient

Imagine a floor carpet that manages to pull the best of two typical worlds. Such is the uniqueness of these floor carpets. For any home with traditional furniture, a floor carpet with these combination designs will be attractive. It gives a compliment to any multi-colored room with a merging of ancient and modern patterns. As a result, any room will have its own identity and unique sense of style.

Transitional Rug3


What is the signature design of transitional rugs?

If you have noticed floral and botanical patterns on carpets, then they are transitional. These patterns are not too modernistic neither are they too traditional. They embody the essential concepts of the two. Any of the signature features of these floor covers  can be found in the latest collections. Try to browse around in the retail stores or go online. You will find a wide collection of contemporary artwork and ancient aesthetics.

Transitional Rug4


Express your true style

One of the essential features of these traditional-contemporary floor covers is that they have their own style. We all carry a bit of the past and look forward to a bright future. These floors cover essentially combine the better of these two aspirations within us. They are depicted in our home décor in our furniture and wall colors. That is the reason, these patterns are very popular around the world.

Transitional Rug5

Home décor can be created by anyone with a sense of style. A rug with impressionist art with a mix of traditional patterns can speak volumes about your true style. Take your home décor to the next level of elegance with a transitional area rug.


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