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Transitional rugs depict contemporary style

May 13th, 2013 By

Have you always wanted to achieve a contemporary style in your home? Well, do not look further than transitional rugs. Depicting unique styles that are influenced from the past and the future, these are in-demand.

Home décor involves merging the best of your style with the latest trends. Amongst the latest trends, transitional rugs are very popular. While decorating wood floors or cold tiles, it may be important to include the latest trends. Apart from this, one may want to blend the styles of all the furniture in one element. That element can be a painting or a rug. Either ways, you will need to include a piece of art in your home.

Transitional Rug1


Transitional rugs are art

Art depicts the uniqueness of the artist. Most home décor items have influences of only one particular trend. However, transitional rugs have influences from the traditional favorites to the modern trends. The art is depicted on the best materials available. These floor carpets can blend with each element in the room you intend to place it in.

Transitional Rug2


Transitional rugs have an elegant touch

Many of us are unaware of the graceful intricate patterns of the past in rugs. Most of us are also ignorant of contemporary favorites. Transitional rugs have a unique combination of the two trends. This creates an undeniable elegant feel to the entire room. No matter where you place the rug, it will have an elegance of its own. Take home both trends combined in one floor cover. This will allow you to have the best traditional patterns and the latest trends in one home décor item.

Transitional Rug3


Transitional rugs are very practical

Homeowners need to consider the life of a particular home décor item. For instance, having a traditional art painting may relegate your room to one particular time. On the other hand, having contemporary styles may make your room seem ultra-modern. Most homeowners do not mind having either of these trends but they have a shelf-life. These days it is stylish to have more than one trend at home. Transitional rugs accommodate the best of all the favorite trends in the market.

Transitional Rug4


Transitional rugs are kid’s favorites

Designing kids’ room can be a challenge. From selecting bright colors to bright patterns, we are stumped while choosing the right home décor for them. Transitional rugs are perhaps the best way of blending the best designs in the world in the room. Children will enjoy the floral patterns and the bold strokes over these floor covers.

Transitional Rug5

Making a home ideal with contemporary style is not difficult. Most contemporary designs have the intricate patterns of the past. Modern home décor experts suggest the use of floral patterns. These are traditional favorites and they are also seen in oriental rugs. Another important factor or owning transitional rugs is that they are balance the ambience well. No matter where you place these floor carpets, the ambience will be well balanced. They blend old furniture with modern upholstery, or old paintings with modern wall colors. These floor covers are the best way to achieve a balance within your home.


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