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Tree Trunk inspired Home Accessories and Décor

Nov 18th, 2012 By

We all strive to contribute to nature as much as possible. Looking out for eco friendly décor is one of the steps that we can take. We can choose some tree trunk inspired accessories and decorative items for home. This will allow us to use the resources in nature in a good way. You can also purchase some green décor items made from old tree trunks and go nature friendly.

Tree Trunk Planter

You can get this amazing planter for your garden. This will look cute because of its lovely design. The art of bear figures at the side of the planter makes it look excellent. You can plant any kind of tree or flowers in them. You can even move it comfortable. You can even put them in home interiors.

Tree Trunk Garden Stools

You can also build a nice seating space in home outdoors with these stools. You can utilize old tree trunks and stumps for this purpose. You may even purchase the polished and handmade ones. You can also put them in your backyard or porch. You can deliver eco friendly touch to your home environment with them.

Tree Trunk Home Bench

You can also select a tree trunk bench or sofa for your home. Yu can add cushion or simply use it as a chair or bench. You can accommodate it in your living room. You can also have it for waiting area or recreation room. This will also look wonderful in home outdoors. Especially in garden, this bench will appear to be outstanding.

Tree Trunk Chair

You can also go for this tree trunk chair in your home. It will look modern and also render a contemporary touch to home interiors. You can also have it for garden and porch. This will look tantalizing for your visitors. You can opt for it in guest room as well. You may want to also accommodate it in your kitchen.

Tree Trunk Wedding Décor

You may even get some wedding décor ideas inspired from tree trunk. They work fine with potpourri and other wedding decorative items. You can place flowers and candles on tree trunks. Some even use it as cake stands. You may even have it for sketching out names of the bride and the groom on it.

Tree Trunk Table

You may even choose this eco friendly tree trunk table for home indoors and outdoors. You may have it for your sunroom. You can also situate it in your garden or backyard. It will look perfect as living room coffee table as well. Many people can even choose it for study room or library.

Tree Trunk Home Accessories

Here are some mind-blowing home accessories that are inspired from tree trunks. You can see this striking clock that you can place on tabletops. You can also get tree trunk water buckets for your bathroom, kitchen and garden. You may even purchase containers made from tree branches and trunks. You can also get a similar kind of fruit holder.


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