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Types of Area Rugs

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1. Based on the Method used to make these rugs

Braided Rugs


You may observe that braided rugs are made by braiding together three or more strips of fabric. You will find braided rugs of several different shapes. Round and oval braided rugs are very common.

Hooked Rugs


You will find that hooked rugs are a very ommon form of traditional area rugs. They are made by pulling loops of fabric or yarn through some stiff and woven base like linen, burlap, monk ’s cloth, or rug warp. The rug makers then pull the loops through the backing material using a latch hook. The latch hook is usually mounted on a handle to gain leverage.

Woven Rugs


You may have manmade or machine made woven rugs. You will find woven rugs of intricate designs and patterns. They are usually expensive due to their intricate designs.

2. Based on the Material used to make them

Area rugs may be made from natural or synthetic fibers. Here is more about them.

a) Area Rugs made from Natural Materials

These may include area rugs which are made from plant or animal fibers. These rugs are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Cotton Rugs


Cotton is very commonly preferred to make area rugs, as they are strong and durable. You can have cotton area rugs in many vibrant shades and colors as cotton readily absorbs dyes. This is one more reason why cotton rugs are commonly preferred.

Jute Rugs


Jute rugs are very common in India and China. They are ideal for making area rugs for living rooms and areas which may not be very susceptible to moisture. Jute rugs may get spoilt due to moisture.

Wool Rugs


Wool rugs are one of the most comfortable and cozy natural rugs. You will find many different varieties of wool rugs. Wool rugs are long lasting and durable. Wool rugs are ideal for people who have any kind of allergies.

Sisal Rugs


Sisal rugs are made from the leaves of Agave Plant. Sisal rugs usually exhibit fire-resistant, anti-static and sound-absorbing properties. They go well with most home interiors.

Seagrass Rugs


The seagrass rugs are non-porous rugs. They have a natural and smooth texture and they are durable. They go with most simple home interiors.

Bamboo Rugs


Bamboo rugs are more common in Japan and China. They are wood-like materials. These rugs are ideal for the high traffic areas of your home. They last long compared to other natural rugs.

Silk Rugs


Usually silk fibers are employed to make high quality rugs like Persian Rugs or Oriental Rugs. They are relatively more expensive.

Advantages of using Natural Area Rugs

  • Natural Area Rugs are eco-friendly.
  • They do not include toxic or hazardous dyes.
  • They are long lasting and durable.
  • They blend well with most home interiors.

b) Area Rugs made from Artificial or Synthetic Fibers

You will also find area rugs made from synthetic fibers in the market. These fibers are not bio-degradable and they can have hazardous effects on the environment.

Nylon Area Rugs

Area rugs made from Nylon are very commonly preferred due to their superior features. They exhibit good strength and good stain resistance characteristics. You can easily clean nylon rugs and they come in myriad different colors and patterns.

Rayon Area Rugs


Rayon is a synthetic fiber which resembles silk. It is cheaper than silk and does not have superior qualities like silk.

Olefin or Polypropylene Area Rugs


These rugs are made from cheaper materials. They are durable and come in many colors and shades. If you wish to purchase cheap area rugs, you must go for Olefin area rugs.

Advantages of Synthetic Fibers

  • Synthetic Fibers are cheaper than natural fibers.
  • These synthetic fibers are ideal for high traffic areas.

3. Based on the Design of the Area Rug

Floral Area Rugs

Many of the area rugs actually have floral patterns. These may have flowers of different colors and shades. There could be floral rugs which have small and intricate floral patterns. You may even come across floral rugs which have the design of a single large flower made.

Most of the traditional rugs have floral themes. These floral rugs give your home a very royal look.

Striped Area Rugs


As the name suggests, striped area rugs have striped patterns. These stripes can be wide, narrow, broad, vertical, horizontal or slant stripes. The striped area rugs usually change the look of your home interiors. Black and White Area Rugs are a perfect example of animal skin striped area rug.

You can use striped area rugs to change the look of your entire room. You can opt for different shades of Black and White Area Rugs.

Contemporary Area Rugs


Contemporary or Modern Area rugs usually employ many abstract and graphic designs which further enhance the look of the home interiors. Some of these rugs employ very bright and vibrant colors.

They may come in several designer patterns which are eye-catchy and more useful.

Traditional Area Rugs


Traditional Area rugs usually have many intricate floral patterns. They come in rich colors and shades. These colors may include burgundy, ivory, red, green and blue. These rugs give your home a rich and royal look.


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