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Unexpected Addition to the Family of Wall Decor

Oct 31st, 2012 By
The walls look empty without any decoration. You must decorate the walls of the living room and passageways in ways that attract attention. Here are some simple yet classy ways to decorate your house walls. These are methods known by all but used by few.

Wall Shoe Racks

You may also use your most modern and stylish high heels to decorate the walls. These are colorful and most innovative ways to decorate your walls.

Wall shoe racks come in many different designs and patterns. They are simple and yet attractive.

Decorate Walls With Plates

You may also add color to your walls by using plates. You should use plates with floral designs and patterns on their surface. You may use plates of various sizes to add a natural touch.

These are ideal to decorate passageway walls. They need to be installed properly so that they do not break.

Magazines To Color Your Walls

If you want a cheap and pocket friendly décor for your walls, you may even use colorful images of old magazines. These can give your walls a graffiti effect.

Magazines are colorful and come in many different shades. The glossy finish of magazine pages makes them ideal for decorating the walls.

Bottle Caps To Decorate Walls

Bottle caps come in many different sizes. You can use these bottle caps to decorate your walls. Here is an example of a classy wall décor made using bottle caps.

Jewelry To Decorate Wall Corners

Old jewelry is usually very pretty. The only defect is some small breakage. You cannot wear it but you may use it to decorate your wall corners. It is the wisest way to use broken jewelry in a stylish manner.

Tiles To Decorate Walls

These days tiles are available in many attractive designs and colors. You may thus use these tiles to add color to your apartment walls.

Tiles can easily be cleaned and maintained well. They are a great and cost-effective way to decorate your walls.


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