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Unique Trivets to Decorate Dining Tables

Dec 2nd, 2012 By

Trivets are very essential if you wish to keep your table clean. It also helps you place hot vessels on the table without harming the table top. Here are some very distinctive trivets that can help you decorate your table top in style.

Snowflake Trivet

These are trivets that are shaped like snowflakes. These look very attractive. You may use these to beautify your dining table in style.

Wine Cork Trivet

These are eco-friendly trivets that are made by recycling wine corks. This can be your first step to leading an eco-friendly life. They go best against a simple looking dining table. You may use these to decorate wooden dining table tops.

Metal Hollow Trivet

These trivets are made from metal. These are not completely solid trivets. They come in many sizes. You must be careful that these trivets do not rust.

Bottle Cap Trivet

These are also innovative recycled trivets. They are made by combining bottle caps. They are very innovative. You would love to use these trivets especially if you like to be geeky.

Stylish Tile Trivet

These are trivets made of tile. They are creative and colorful. They go well with minimalist décor of modern homes. You must maintain them clean so that they remain beautiful.

Tree Stump Trivet

These trivets are shaped like the tree stumps. These go best if you have a tropical décor in your house. You may even use it if you prefer natural hues for your furniture.

Henna Design Trivet

These are trivets that have a very creative henna design drawn on its surface. This is the main beauty of this trivet. It will go best against a light colored background.

Colorful Expandable Trivets

These are the most useful type of trivets. This can be expanded and contracted as per your requirement making it a very convenient option for users.

Yolk Themed Trivet

This is a light colored trivet. You may use it to decorate dark colored dining tables. Moreover, it will suit the contemporary style of home decoration more.

Botanical Themed Trivets

If you love leaves and flowers, you must choose these unique botanical themed trivets. The shape of these trivets distinguishes it from the rest of the trivets.


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