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Unite Diversity within your Home with Transitional Rugs

May 26th, 2013 By

Many take delight in exhibiting a traditional styled home decor while maintaining a steady foot in present times. All who prefer a blend of past and present, with an inclination towards fusion of both, transitional rugs is your ticket.

Transitional rugs are an excellent way to break the monotonous appearance and feel of a room. With its diverse nature, you can bind each of your rooms into a seamless pattern that gives way to beautiful looking interiors. Take along a bit of character of each room to the others, and see your home breathe in liveliness and spread energy around.

Unique and Welcoming Interiors

Transitional rugs are different;classifying them as either contemporary or traditional will be incorrect. They usually have a close or a tight pattern scheme. These rugs fall in between the contemporary and traditional types. They commonly have a blend of contemporary designs in elegant styles. Transitional rugs tend to make a home feel warm and inviting.If you are a person who loves entertaining guest at home, placing one in your living room can be very beneficial.

Grey Transitional rugs1


A Platter of Variety for Everyone

A transitional rug comes in numerous designs, intricate to bold ones. There is no certain limit to the variety of designs incorporated on these rugs. Their designs cover a wide list of subjects, such as scenes in nature, botanical, floral, abstract, geometric patterns and many more. Lovers of contemporary style with a leaning towards minimalism will appreciate the artful touch a transitional rug can contribute to their home.

Grey Transitional rugs2


Color Therapy to Soothe the Senses

Color is an important characteristic of transitional rugs. One will find a wide array and blend of colors used in transitional rugs. Colors will vary depending on their requirements, and therefore, transitional rugs don light, dark, bright and dull shades as well. Adding a rug with abstract bold designs backed with bright colors can have a lasting effect on one’s mind. Take a cue for the image shown over here.

Orange Transitional rugs3


Coexist in Harmony and Style

The unique feature of transitional rugs is that they effectively form the element, which binds together a room in a house having traditional design.Yet, which houses contemporary furniture as its dominant furnishings.A transitional rug can be practical if you live in a house that has influence of traditional or oriental styling. With the right choice of color and pattern, these types of rugs neither overpower nor lie mute when added to room influenced with other styles. Rather it complements the overall setting of the room.

Transitional rug4


Adding Charisma to Your House

You will be pleased to know that a transitional rug serves with a splash of warmth and efficiency too. Apart from the large gamut of colors, designs and sizes traditional rugs comes in, they are easy on maintenance.  Therefore, you are free to use them in multiple spaces of your home, such as kitchens, guest room and even in the gym.

Black Transitionla Rug5

Transit within life, beauty and warmth and unite multiple facets of your home decor through use of transitional rugs.


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