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Upcycled Garden Planters for Outdoors

Mar 3rd, 2013 By

You can recycle many things and make garden and outdoor accents. But you can also go for upcycled things for garden planters. It is a great idea to start with. Cost saving and also creative, these accessories will simply define beauty in the outdoors. You may even choose old items to combine with some other accessories and get renovated as a planter.

Boot Planter

How about bringing alive the phrase, spring in the feet? You can do so by converting boots or shoes into planters. You may use the ones that you do not wear anymore. Get few varied colored ones so that you can line them up on garden wall or the ground randomly. Fill it with soil and plant shrubs or flower plants inside. Make small holes at the base so that excess water can flow out.

Basketball Planter

You may even use sports items and toys to get converted into garden planter. A fine example would be cutting a volleyball or basketball into half and filling it with necessary soil and plant. You may then place it on table or rack. You can also hang it with rope on the ceiling and use it as floating planter. This will look awesome in the home outdoors. You can do the same with children’s broken toys and stuffs.

Bottle Planter

Another common choice for garden planter that is upcycled is glass bottles. But you give this a twist. Make a chandelier out of the glass bottles and fill in similar bottles with candles and the alternate ones with soil and plants. This will give fantabulous look to the outdoors. You may hang it in traditional themed homes or modern gardens. You can also get this in outdoor porch or patio area.

Wheel Planter

You can even convert tyre or a wheel into garden planter. You just need to arrange these items carefully so that they remain stable and do not fall over. You may then choose to plant any kind of tree or shrub in the hollow space. Some people even get small tyres together to make a unique garden planter for the outdoors. You can also update the outdoors with vintage themed tyre planters

Wood Plank Planter

You can even upcycle wood plants to form into planter. You may use several wood storage boxes or broken fence pieces for this purpose. You can arrange these planks so that they have space in between to fit in the soil and plants. You may even get wood planks for garden benches and other accessories in the region as well.

Ladder Planter

You can even make use of ladder in the garden as planter. Get the ladder that as steps as storage cabinet as well. You simply reuse the steps by opening it up and accommodating flower plants here. It will look so cool for the outdoors. You can also utilize this for your room interiors for winter season decoration.


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