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Update Modern Home Interiors using Designer Rugs

Oct 23rd, 2013 By

An increasing number of people are self-educating themselves in term of interior decoration. More and more homeowners want to lead their home redecoration projects. However, when it comes to choice and making decisions concerning essential components of home design, such as floorings, it is wise to consult a designer. This would help achieve a practical and great looking decor.

With regard to floorings, experts suggest incorporating area rugs. They effectively serve as protection and as decorative elements, which add life to bare floors. Today, modern interior design has become the norm of the day. Fabric covers are suited to cater this style. Nonetheless, to complement and enhance the overall design language that modern interiors express, established designers recommend the use of designer rugs. Here are a few reasons how these make excellent choice for your modern home decor.


 Perfect Centerpiece for Rooms

Transitional beige rugs 1

A prime reason to employ designer floor covers is their unique form factor. Their distinct designs allow for them being used as “centerpieces” in rooms. Yes, they are perfect to serve decorative needs of a decor. Available in a wide variety of contemporary designs, they beautifully blend with modern interiors. Besides, made in various shapes and size makes them useful as accent pieces. The different patterns help in making small spaces appear larger. In addition, rich, eye-catching colors amplify the tone of a room.


 Adds Aesthetic Value

solid red rugs 2

Unlike regular carpets, a designer one does more than simply provide protection to floors and the occupants. Apart from its utility side, these fabrics set in visual interest to a decor. These are specially made to suit specific design styles. Furthermore, they are characterized by stunning colors and a variety of exclusive designs that go beyond typical floral motifs, making them unique. A splendid combination of pure wool, bright colors and distinct patterns has earned it many admirers. Furthermore, they enhance a room’s aesthetic value in terms of style and ambience.


 Designer by Heart

traditional ivory rugs 3

An integral characteristic of designer rugs is their bold, dramatic and intricate patterns. By the virtue of creative artisans, one will find numerous patterns, including geometrical and ornamental embodied in each. Interestingly, it is both practical and aesthetic in nature, defining the space it occupies. Overall, it complements the modern decor. In addition, every design has elements that originate from specific styles, such as traditional, contemporary, transitional and more. This facet at its core makes them desirable and apt, especially for theme decor.


 Colorful and Economical

shag multicolor rugs 4

Designer floor covers emphasize on use of vibrant colors, quite often a blend of them. Therefore, if your house has floors that do not look good, adding designer fabric covers provide a solution. Irrespective, whether you have hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting, overtime each loses their former appeal. Here is where an addition of a designer carpet or rug will cure the issue at hand. Moreover, these are cost effective in comparison to having complete floorings replaced. Choose from the many different styles available like solid or shag. Place them to deal with the traffic as well as to accentuate your living room or bedroom.


Versatile Trait

southwestern beige rugs 5

Each of us like to personalize our living space in various ways–through color, texture, patterns, theme and more likely style. While many are enthusiastic about their modern interiors, others take delight in traditional, while some are ecstatic of rustic design. Carpet makers consider this aspect and accordingly create designer floor fabrics that mark each of the above preference. So, if you have a strong leaning towards Persian style, opt for a Southwestern designer carpet. Interestingly, there are patterns, which suit your taste and at the same time trendy enough to blend with modern interiors.

Whenever contemplating on updating your home, consider using rugs. If looking for element of drama and elegance, we suggest you opt for designer ones. However, first, ensure the area, its size and the look you want each room to reflect. Then, select from the plethora of collection and redefine your living space with these trendy floor fabrics.


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